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November 28, 2008


...for the Spontaneously Combusting Teatowels.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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This isn't funny, Dave. tea towels take thousnds of lives every year. They are second only to doo-rags in US deaths by fabric.

THIS is funny.

I'd heard Linens'n'Things was having a fire sale....

Yes, life's been kinda dull since I left the Senate.

*scratches towel warmer off Christmas list*

Smokey says: "Don't put that laundry away yet!"

Just throw it in this handy plastic basket and leave it sitting on the floor for a week or two. It's a safety thing.

What's so funny about teat owels? Are they endangered?

I used to use tea towels all the time to start fires when I went camping.

*Pictures wild-eyed radicals tossing bundles of fresh-from-the-dryer teatowels into government building lobbies*

"*Pictures wild-eyed radicals tossing bundles of fresh-from-the-dryer teatowels into government building lobbies*"

Don't forget the Downy!

pogo - FORGET the Downy - we want to give those government puppets horrendous static cling!!

(Yes, we BAD!)

I, like m'ville, misread that.

Australia is such a nanny society I wouldn't be surprised if you'd need to get a tea towel license

Right, Fearless Leader Punkin!

We Bad! We Bad!

Call me old-fashioned, but I still prefer Molotov cocktails. They just pack more of a punch.

Ah Vyacheslav, you were a horrible, horrible, disgusting, murderous person, but you had great taste in drinks.

I love watching piles of bark dust ignite -- sort of the same principle. My buddy who had a machine shop had a lot of religion about used oil rags only going in fire safe disposal areas.

He was getting older, but he moved very quickly one time when I pointed to one of the cans and said "Mind if I smoke?" as ignition was just starting. I discovered that fire extinguishers are kind of heavy.

When they make possession of smouldering tea towels criminal, only criminals will have smouldering tea towels.

Same with hay. Bale it while it's still damp and it will rot, eventually creating enough heat to flambe your barn.

Is our bloggers learnin'?

"MFS spokesman Greg Staple said 40 fire fighters took about 30 minutes to bring the fire under control."

If it takes 40 firefighters 30 minutes to bring 1 teatowel fire under control, how many skunks does it take to scare 1 wimpy mailman with 100 pieces of undelivered mail to knock off 2 hours early?

Teatowels who need

Allah have to decline that offer. Sorry.

Muhammed - are you SERIOUS? Woof?

...for the Spontaneously Combusting Muhammed SPAM shirts.

And snork @ SW for 'teatowels who need teatowels.' That's hot.

Not surprised. I used to live in an apartment complex where the communal driers heated way too much. Actually had some sheets start smoldering when I left them in the laundry basket afterwards.

Didn't that happen to Michael Jackson once?? Course I don't think tea towels were involved, possibly silicone. Or lightning.

Sioux - it was sparks from the sequins on his glove setting his hairspray on fire. That's why he only wore one - the other one went up in flames. That would also explain his lack of body hair in other places.

See what happens when you stack them instead of tea-bagging them?

Your Honor, I move that Annie's statement be stricken from the record as hearsay...or does she claim firsthand knowledge???

*Court takes a fifteen minute recess for mass brain-bleaching*


I too was imagininge whole flocks of hooters with hooters, burning, looting and pillaging.

those would be fun at christmas, to watch your cute little santa towels go poof.

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