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November 24, 2008


(Thanks to Andrea Davis, Biker Dood and Siouxie)


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Yeah, you'd have to send me to another planet to make me drink sweat and urine... I don't care HOW long you tinker (not tinkle) with it!

A Tinkle in Space...

and a tinkling simul with eilbe!

Sounds like they got something else in there too. Now they can make that into lunch.

A kink in the Urine machine sounds painful.

Piss ... in ... Space!!!

You mean they make the astronauts go outside to pee?

Tinkle, tinkle little star.
Peeing in a spaceship jar,
Spin it round, do you think,
You'll have something you can drink.

Astronaut #1: Heads.

Astronaut #2: Ok, tails for me.

Astronaut #1: *tosses coin*

Astronaut #2: Aw, $h!t! Why ME?

Astronaut #1: *giggling uncontrollably*

Astronaut #2: WTF is so funny?

Astronaut #1: Nothing. It's just that we had freeze-dried asparagus for dinner.
Bottoms up!

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