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November 18, 2008


(Thanks to MissV)


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Some parts are always wrinkled . . .

would you , could you in the tub?
would you, could you in a pub?
would you shave clean legs with Pam?

*takes Mrs. Layzee up to the bathtub to "change the world"*

They must have larger tubs than most houses are equipped with around here.

*snork* Layzee. Well, then again maybe the earth will move.

The tub would need to be empty in that first illustration, or the person on the bottom could drown.

"...and children, always use these "Willy wrappers", because you don't want to catch cooties."

"Willy wrappers" sounds more like a British candy.

...Or maybe Willy Wonka's got a NEW brand of candy.


Lower your cholesterol by hiding the salami!

*winces at CJ*

Would you, could you, hide the ham?
I could not do you - Sam I bam.

I wish I'd received this as a kid.....maybe my back wouldn't be as wrecked as it is now.

I mean Annies' back.

Siouxie told me.

My back's fine. Butt only because I borrowed Siouxie's pillow from the 'sex ramp' thread. Put a few of those together, and you can make a heckuva kinky Rubik's cube.

This just in... "We Are What We Do" spokesman, Ponte de Finger, issued this statement: "During the ongoing investigation, we must keep our statements limited to only the facts as we know them. Therefore at this time, we can only say that we have traced this regrettable oversight to an individual's IPhone, which inadvertently snapped these pictures and e-mailed them to our publisher, who thought they were children's drawings of Noah's Ark. Thank you."

Kiddie porn!

At least the soap for washing out the author's mouth is within reach.

Gives new gay meaning to "rub a-dub dub, three men in a tub"

So that's what a 'dub dub' is.

** downloads pictures from story, and settles in to "study" hard all night. **

The Comic Sutra

Waitaminit - I recognize that guy in the tub. It's Joe the Plumber, isn't it? I knew he had a shady past...

Here is an interesting comment from a reader of the article (look at the bottom of the article for readers' comments)
"This is so over-hyped. I have this book and it is one double page spread out of 100 pages. If children were as innocent as 8 year olds should be they'd just think the pictures were people playing in the bath. Draw attention to it and they will know that there is more too it!
The book also tells the children about turning off light bulbs, recycling and donating to charity, as well as providing scots pine seeds so you can plant your own trees - all very good educational information for children, as well as most adults.
- Claire, Staffordshire, UK, 13/11/2008 10:57"

I think Claire makes a good point; a point to balance all the hysterical hype.

We're gonna need a bigger hot water tank.

What's the problem? Sex in the bath is good clean fun.

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