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November 26, 2008


Hardliners (Har!) vs. Swingers

Surrender is imminent.

(Thanks to CJrun and cyntharnold))


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Thorry. We're clothed.

Nudist Mullahs is not an image you want burned into your retina.

"Recently, police had to intervene as a man whipped his wife on the balcony of an apartment for the gratification of spectators in the courtyard below."

Oh, so suddenly it's a "crime" for me to whip my wife on our front porch for the gratification of the neighbors? I guess that takes France off our list of "Countries Where We Might Live."

"a community whose crime rate has been dominated until now by cases of exhibitionism"

Ummm...how can they tell?

OK. So I have this mental image of nekkid people setting fires to these "sex clubs".

Question: Where do they keep the matches?

Naked people should not be starting fires for obvious reasons.

Question: Where do they keep the matches?

Answer: Away from me.

Whatever happened to Swingtown? Will it be renewed?


"Naked people should not be starting fires for obvious reasons."

You're much less likely to catch your clothes on fire that way.

"mullahs of chaste nudity”

Who you callin' a mullah?
*doesn't sit on leather chairs*

Elon, I think she was referring to weiners and danglies roasting on an open fire...

The community has been "dominated"--*snicker!*

("fire and rain")
i woke up this morning
with a new girl at dawn
nude as a man in france
could swap for a friend (or two)
the mullah's warning that
it won't be too long
just wish i knew who to
surrender to!

ohhh, i've seen fire, bombs, and pain
i've done funny things with
my parts that were obscene
i've seen homely guys who were swapped
for some vaseline
but i always thought all nudists were friends!

don't you look down upon me, purists
you ugly guys won't ever understand
being nude's a means to an end, i always say
when there's bodies shaking, and les femmes
are at hand
you know i can't make it any other way!


..a magnet for nudists...
How much iron do you need in your diet for something like that to work?

The solution is to put webcams in the clubs that haven't yet burned down. That way we can all be their 'neighborhood watch.'

Siouxie - I'm going to spend the entire Thanksgiving weekend giggling over the phrase "weiners and danglies." Thanks so much for feeding my inner 10-year-old...

"Nudity is just one element of naturism. There are other values to recognise, such as the protection of nature."

FTW?!? Next, we'll have Jeff Corwin telling us how eye bleach (made by Clorox) can save the frogs.

Any time, Scott ;-)

*applause @ insom*

chaste nudity


Nobody has yet answered my perfectly reasonable question: How do you identify the exhibitionists in a community of nudists?

By their posture.

Um, Cheese, maybe it should have read "chased nudity"??

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