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November 25, 2008


If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere.


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Times is hard.


Well, I've heard of careers going in the toilet, but I never took it literally.

I read nothing into this.

Given the accommodations, I'm surprised he'd ever want to come out...

Make 'what' anywhere?

Who else gets paid to sit on a toilet and unravel toilet tissue!?

I work from home and have a laptop. You figure it out.

NYC Alert: Jack Bauer will be signing copies of 24:Redemption at Best Buy on Fifth Avenue tonight at 6:00. He must have caught the Sangala-New York nonstop flight. I have already set up a perimeter.

From N'Synch to N'DaToilet in a decade.
What a business!

Braniff, someone should bring him a copy of the live 24 blogfest from the other night. It would make lovely reading material. If he can read.

And here I thought having been on Dancing With the Stars was low enough...

Apparently not.

Of course Jack can read DAMMIT! He read the label on that landmine didn't he?!?

Do all toilets in NYC have emblems on the floor that resemble bloody footprints?

Or are those steps in a lap dance?

I thought somebody named Cyril read it to him. Sorry, I was busy killing spiders.

♬ Start spreading your cheeks...♪


♪ Though we had to break up, have no pity, do not weep
I find I'm king of the swill - top of the heap! ♫

insom, that's what I used to call them back in the day ;-)

Attention, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Please reconsider making "My Big Fat Greek Wedding II". Joey obviously needs the work.

I'm sure as he was cutting that ribbon he was picturing his agent's neck in those scissors.

As an aside: I always wondered where the hell they get those giant novelty scissors for grand openings. I once put down on my career goals list for my guidance counselor that I wanted to own the company that produces massively sized ribbon cutting scissors. (And yes, I did get called in for a conference as a result).

Our esteemed leader would never do something like this. He draws the line at waste lifting stations. In small towns. (less witnesses that way)

no one mentioned any "joey 'fat one' " jokes?

MartiniShark, we are proud to know you. :-)

I thought Joey Fat One WAS a NY toilet!

Isn't Charmin at all concerned about their image?

Oh, wait, I get it: They make an *ss-wipe, he is an *ss-wipe!

Makes sense.

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