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November 25, 2008


There's a restaurant we like in Coconut Grove called George's in the Grove, which is run by a completely insane colorful French person named, appropriately enough, George. Last week I was in there and saw this poster in the men's room:


There is an old saying in my family, passed down through the generations, and it goes like this: "If you have an opportunity to witness the Beaujolais Nouveau heralded by kangaroo at a crazy dance party with DJ La DeDa and DJ Trendy Wendy, you do not pass up that opportunity."

And so last night we went to George's, where there were in fact three kangaroos -- a mom, a dad, and a baby -- heralding the Beaujolais Nouveau, which they did mainly by standing around looking nervous. The staff was dressed in (Why not?) Australian garb; George himself was wearing what I think was supposed to be an aborigine outfit, probably from Big Norm's Aborigine Outfitters. Here's an exclusive photo of me, George and the baby kangaroo. Shortly after this photo was taken, the 'roo tried to bite George, and I don't think anybody blamed it.



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Crikey! That's a cute one--OWWWWWWW!

Loved Big Norm's Aborigine Outfitters.

I bet that could work in Miami.

i can't say i appreciate B.N., no matter how big a deal it is to have some when it first comes out. there's a reason why wine is aged, IMHO. but i love the kangaroo!

Please tell us you got a crapcam shot of DJ Trendy Wendy, Dave.

Is George flippin' the bird at the baby roo? No wonder he tried to bite him...

Yes, that is one "colorful" outfit that M. George is wearing. The little 'roo does not look like it was in much of a heralding mood, though.

Hey, he came by my house trick or treating on Halloween in that outfit!

Are you sure you weren't visiting Outback Disney? Those look like Mickey Mouse ears to me.

I gather the Beugu Beaudjul Boeujolly wine doesn't come in a box?

Are you sure that's George and not Gomez (John Astin)?

don't let that dog groomer from yesterday see him or her poodle is doomed.

Oops, haha, not God, me!

No problem, pogo. Have a nice deity!

Actually, George looks like Owen from "The Vicar of Dibley"...

I am not a lunatic. I have the psychiatric report to prove it. A slender majority of the panel decided in my favour.

Miami is a weird place.

Marg, you should try living here...

(actually, I'm in Ft. Lauderdale, but the wierd definitely extends this far)

Don't hold it against us, Marg. It's not our fault.

Also, why is Dave wearing pink?? (NTTAWWT)

I've got new for you djtonyb...the wierd starts at the Florida border.

That George will never change. The baby kangaroo is too adorable, but let's face it George, no matter how hard you have tried to promote it over the years (even during your Le Bouchon days), a Beaujolais Noveau is just a "wannabe wine" ...(I need to snap out of it)

Ms. Siouxie, the wannabe wine might as well come in a box. It deserves it.

Dave is not wearing a blue shirt????!?!?!?!?!?!

Reservations a must? Oh I have PLENTY of reseverations...

This makes perfect sense given that Beaujolais is a region in . . .uh well, France.

As for George dressing like the titular character from Krippendorf's Tribe I'm at a loss.

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