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November 30, 2008


We have no chance.

Key Quote Outlining Plan That Could Not Possibly Have Gone Wrong:

The homeowner at 2336 24th Avenue tried to blow cayenne pepper through the kitchen exhaust fan and into his attic, Broadview Fire Chief John Tierney said.

"He used a leaf blower to try to spread (the pepper)," Tierney said. "It got caught up in the hot motor of the exhaust fan. There were (also) rags up there in the attic."

(Thanks to Betsy)


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"Fortunately, nobody got hurt and everyone is going home OK," Tierney said.

Well, except for the squirrel and the guy with the leaf blower. Their home is toast.

I got posted! I got posted!

*Considers happy dance; remembers age; settles for pleased little smile*

Cayenne you beleaf this guy?

*Smiles at visualization of Betsy's Happy Dance*

Yay, Betsy got posted!
*does happy dance*
He shoulda blasted Manilow up there instead. Squirrels hate that.

Those pesky squirrels are probably out causing car wrecks now.

Congrats, Betsy.

I think we have another future Darwin Award winner in the making here.

Annie...Your Designated Dance was lovely! Thank you:)

Don't this guy know your s'posed to cook-up squirrel in a popcorn popper? The pepper was a nice touch, though.

Well, I'm betting that was an effective way to get rid of the squirrels.

cajun roasted squirrel wbagnfa ozark `house special'

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