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November 26, 2008


Coeds Take Off Underwear to Be 'Green'

Key Quote: The students say they initially planned to hang bed sheets, but had trouble collecting 350 sheets, so they moved to undergarments.

(Thanks to cyntharnold)


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Underwear and green are not necessarily good things when spoken of together.

*And Go, Cyn!*

Where's the video?

Dear Mom & Dad,

Everything is fine here. Please send underwear.

'Part of the message is that even something as simple as hanging out clothes to dry can be helpful.'

...and the REST of the message is...???

Yes, just think how beautiful the world will look with everyone's underthingies hanging out in their yards! What a view!

..... er, don't use sheets?

I've been trying to tell all the pretty girls that wearing underwear increases their carbon footprint for ages now but they never believed me, I'm glad I now have proof that college students are taking seriously.

Catches errant "this" and throws it upstairs.

*flings underwear @ Meanie* (not green)

Just doing my part.

It's not easy being green.

Funny weather we're having all of a sudden.

Jeff you want to see video of clothes drying? Even for you, this is a new low.

This was suggested to them by the fraternity next door, Dua Galla Day.

Elon, Jeff doesn't get too much excitement these days...being 60 and all ;-P

*runs away from the geezer bus*

*snork* @ Siouxie. Granny panties rule! (so I've heard)

If it was just the guys, I'd say they would need to worry about the dangers of sulpher emissions.

When I was in college I had trouble collecting 350 pair of coeds' panties.

I love how math works with symbolism. High school chem veterans know how unit math is the most important lesson from the course. For example: 5 parts/mL x 1000 mL/L x 7 L = 35,000 parts.

OK, so with symbolism...

350 parts/million * 1 million sheets / part * 1 underwear / sheet = 350 underwear.

Mucking forons.

*waves at Blue*

*retrieves precious comfy granny panties* (..well!)

*Waves back @ cyn*

If they just start burning their bras, we'll officially have a mashup of The Green Revolution and the 60s.

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