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November 23, 2008


Look no farther.


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Nothing says the holidays like a bobblehead!

Nothing says the holidays like a flatulent bobblehead.

I love the list. I have friends who would appreciate nearly all of those. My Dad would love the Talking Fly Swatter.

Heck, I want the Zombie Yard Sculpture. What a perfect Halloween gag.

Heck, I have several adult friends who would enjoy the FEMA activity book.

(trying to imagine a cat staying in the pet high chair...mmmmm....Nope, can't see it)

I want a high chair!

"Sometimes a husband, trying to make his gift output look larger..."

There are gits items for that, too.

Wooo hooo!! Annie got posted in the gift guide!!

This was my favorite:

"The beauty of the zombie yard sculpture is that it's portable, so you can easily move it to any location that you feel needs to have an emerging zombie. A children's playground or a restaurant salad bar are two examples that come immediately to mind."

That looks more like the "Fondle Me" pillow for women. And how awesome to put a name like Snowy Singh into a children's book so that even adults don't even know how to pronounce it.

I can't link!!
I get this: "Unfortunately we are unable to locate the page you have requested. This could be due to content on our site having expired, a broken link, an outdated bookmark, or a mistyped address. Please use the navigation provided on this page, or click here to visit our home page."
I want to view my butt glue!

Am I the only one getting 404 errors when I try to click on the gifts in the gift guide?

Matt's butt glue

Congrats to you too!

I can link to them fine, Brittany. No errors.

the links work now. and Mr. Red, who thinks I'm certifiable for getting my daily DB blog fix, loves the gift text. I want a yard gnome for Christmas!

Thanks, Siouxie.

Congrats bloglits. All are fine gifts, but I think I want a yard gnome.

A bit early this year, innit? Doing your part to stimulate the economy, Dave? Oh, wait...

My favorite is also the yard zombie. So many places to put that...


Actually, the Selk'Bag looks it could be useful for those of us in basement studies that are trying to conserve energy. Did you really buy one from the UK supplier? Looks like it's available in the US here for $69, probably others as well. (Check out the site. "as seen on the Ellen Show", it says, complete with photo of Ellen DeGeneris striding briskly while wearing one.)

sorry for the 404 errors. the lovely techboys were fixing a few things and the links were broken for a short time; should be all fixed now. many thanks to the lovely techboys.

judi, are they cute?

That baby sling cracked me up. Is that a bad thing?

Siouxie, unlike the days of pocket-protector yore, techboys are getting cuter and younger all the time. I miss my job.

Judi, there were 404 errors and you weren't fired?

faaabbbbulous. and that baby hanger should come with a nomination for parent of the year. i have some friends who would like gassy gus. i see that you tried out the garden zombie dave, i know, you got it for the dog. speaking of which, betcha paris or twitney or one of those actually has several of them.
great selections this year.

I'd like to take last year's ride-on beer cooler thru an obstacle course of yard zombies. Because that's just the kind of gal I am.

notices that none of these fine products can be purchased at tiffany's.

Can't wait to get this and this for the blogboys. Shh - no telling. (I just now found them so I never sent them in for the gift guide.)

Annie, I love both of those items. I would be honored to be on your list.

Am I the only one who wishes "Sound Advice" would hurry up and go out of business, already? I am REALLY sick of their banner ad.

Congratulations, Annie & Matt.

I too loved the lawn zombie and the baby hangar (baby not included?).


Maybe, if he is feeling especially romantic, he will get her the 20-footer.

i didn't know vi@gra was that productive.


oh, wait.. tuh. figures

Beep, boop, beep, boop....boop, boop, ba-doop!
(I heard Betty Boop was making a guest appearance in the '24' movie tonight.)
Guin - yes, I agree. Go over there immediately and buy all their stock so they can close their store.

Do lawn zombies come with decorative and disturbing holiday outfits like lawn geese do?

Dave bought his wife a gift that needed batteries (which he wrapped separately)?? Hmmm...

I'm guessing Lucy will open a few presents a little early. Maybe for cHanukah. And if she gets that high chair, she'll need this.And since the high chair attaches to the table, she'll probably need some counterweights for the other end.

Time for some Russki spam thigh stabbin' action.

**(trying to imagine a cat staying in the pet high chair...mmmmm....Nope, can't see it)**

Daisymae - Don't forget the infamous Spaghetti Cat! I bet he has his own designer highchair!

Annie, stab away, but please respect the caviar.

Where are we blogging tonight? Isn't it 'that time'?

Were I to guess, a post will automagically appear at 8pm.


Trying to imagine a cat leaving its owner's face intact while being put into the pet high chair. Nope, can't see it.

Renee - use vodka. Works every time. Plus you can use it to clean your wounds.

By buying these gifts, you are supporting the Barry Cartel. The Barry Cartel is indirectly responsible for the skyrocketing price of transmission fluid, and the resulting failures of tens of minivans, some filled with screaming children. If you don't want children screaming at Christmas, the holiest time of the retail year, don't support this cartel.

Instead, please send all of your money to the Cheap Tibet Now movement, which opposes the Barrysta's, the Red Chinese, and those constipation infomercials. Plus, it's far more realistic than the Free Tibet Now movement, which sounds kinda socialist. Thank you.

TYPO? Astronauts tinker with urine-to-water machine

great minds and all that...

i am not making this up. last august i visitied niagara falls where i met one "artical" who, although not a woman, (at least i hope to god he's not a woman, i didn't actually verify) brought me a gift, which was, and i am not making this up, a talking fly swatter.

I'm not sure it's spam; there's no URL or anything, for one. "Огромное человеческое спасибочки !" = "The enormous human spasibochki!" according to translate.google.com. Another website has a post claiming

"Spasibochki"(men usually say "spasibki") is an informal russian word, a diminutive version of "spasibo", which means "thanks". It is pronounced as [spʌsɪ'bɔtʃki]. It's a funnier/not so grateful version of "thanks" - just "a little of thanks" for a small favour.
. So, "The enormous human (small) thanks". Glad I was able to clear that up for everyone.

A MOBY CARRIER would actually be a great gift if your wife is expecting or you know someone else who really is. It will really help these mothers carry aorund their babies with themselves, where they want and when they want!

Is just me or is anyone elise happy that that the Holiday season is DONE it seemed way to long

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