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November 18, 2008


The Czech blonde's unusual navel had onlookers perplexed as she frolicked on the beach over the weekend in a tiny white bikini.

(Thanks to MissV)


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Just as I thought - she's an android.
*waits patiently for blog boys to finish 'reading' article*

Appears Annie is right. That or her plastic surgery has gone horribly awry.

I saw that yesterday. Creeped me out a bit.

Reading? There were words?

more like alien spawn.

According to the ever reliable Wikipedia, this was a result of abdominal surgery during infancy.

That happened in Miami. The Weirdness Magnet sucked it in.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!!*

Navel gazing at its finest.

We're supposed to look where again?... I love in-depth articles about swimsuit/lingerie models. See, they have medical issues, too--they're just like us, just ordinary people!

Thanks MissV!!


WAVES at Hammie!

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Allen - I like 'in-depth' research too.

None of the models I'm researching seem to have the same issue. Hmmm...guess this deserves more study.


*gets towel and wipes drool off of keyboard*
*passes towel to Siouxie*


Thanks, Dorakay! (and Annie for her research)

Forget the belly button. Did you check out the camel toe???

*wasn't looking that closely so...nope*

*waits for the blog guys to take another look*

'we keep a collection of belly button shots in different positions'

Is this what the DOD calls "navel exercises"?

"Another look"?!? Amateurs!...

Annie--nice research, but I told you to stop copying from my Myspace page...

*snork* @ Betsy!
Sorry, Allen, but you have such a nice collection of guy models on your page....;p

I remember that on I Dream of Jeannie they wouldn't allow her to show her belly button. I also heard that Major Nelson got really tired of her calling him 'Master' . . .

Annie, I'm the one on the left... ;P


Wow, they specialize in selling Christian music on ebay with covers depicting women and nooses. Tis the season, lately.

From the comments section (that you males never saw anyway cuz you're lookin' for camel toes): "This will make my 20 year old daughter feel good as she doesn't have a bellybutton due to having it removed for health reasons."

What health reason could make you remove your belly button? (she said with much naivete). Oh, and thanks Annie for the eye-candy... (swoon)

eilbe - I was curious, too, so I researched it. Posted the whole thread because some of the know-it-all answers are funny. Don't believe everything you read, especially my stuff. ;)

Well, to all little girls out there with no belly buttons who might be made fun of by other jealous girls, you too can grow up to be a Super Model some day, so take heart! Thankfully, when you grow up it's not at all like school anymore too! And Santa Clause is real!

You know no one has mentioned that someone has a collection of bellybutton shots to photoshop back onto her body.
Now, that is an odd job.

Even Barbie didn't have a belly button until a few years ago.

Mike is right. that is weird.

Annie...Thanks for yet another great link. So "test tube babies" don't have navels? I have to rethink my whole idea of just how that system works.

"The Unusual Navels" WBAGNFAteenage garageB...

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