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November 21, 2008



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Would it still be art if it weren't low flow???

"Hey Maria, you just spent $100,000 to get your degree in Art History! What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to Fountain Square to discuss low-flow toilets!"

Actually, that would be an Ohio arts update. Fountain Square is in Cincinnati, right across the river from KY. If you've ever watched an episode of WKRP, you've seen it at the beginning of the show. So someone needs to be fired.

Also, considering how the local football team's been doing, it should definitely be orange and black.

The movie “Grand Canyon Adventure” is narrated by Robert Redford with a soundtrack by the Dave Matthews Band.

So, was it the Grand Canyon, Robert Redford or the Dave Matthews Band that gave them the idea to advertise it with a toilet?

I wonder if there is a sculpture inside it?

"KY Post"--har! They just can't get a good grip on their stories...

...and the ironies of watching the roaring Colorado River in the Grand Canyon and then waiting in line to pee because the %&@! low-flow toilet is backed up...too rich!

As I recall, the Dave Matthews Band was involved in another toilet-related incident here in Chicago not too long ago

A toilet in Kentucky? That's not art, it's news.

curses! foiled again. betsy beat me to it!

an imax movie about elimination:"Mr. Turd's Wild Ride"

I'm thinking we should pack it full of explosives and shoot at it (but then, I'm from Idaho).

*snork* @ crossgirl & insom! I'd say it fell off Francine Barton's trailer, but if she had that one, she'd probably never move.
(fyi - the main reason you move a trailer is when the plumbing no longer works - i.e. - the cessfull is full>)


Don't worry, Annie. Your comment was successpoolly understood.

cg... but not by much:)

It woulda been sooner if I could have figured out the linkie thingie faster (but I'm getting my time down...us geezerettes are persistent)

Meanie - you know that feeling - your eyes are spellchecking, but your fingers hit 'post', and you're like, nooooooo!

Or maybe you don't.

I would just like to interject here that if Mr. Redford is perhaps reading this blog today, he should know that I consider him to be quite hot, and will gladly flush twice if necessary if I should ever be so lucky as to meet him.

Heck, I may never flush again.

They asked me for a donation but my funding was also low-flow.

A green latrine,
A dapper crapper,
A WC for TLC,
A pit to sit,
A flush rush,
Art to fart.

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