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November 13, 2008


We are really starting to hate these stories about decrepit "Grandpas" who can still defend themselves even in their doddering, drooling old age (57). But it's true: We have the educational system of the 50s and 60s to thank for our toughness and grit.

Note: We would caution you about that second link, but we realize those films were shown in schools, so we have decided not to.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, and Rayne of the message board)


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No, it's Perversion for FUN and Profit, silly!

That thug in the red shirt wears his jeans WAY too low . . .

Gotta dig the Low-Rise Perp Walk.

i cannot count the number of times i have said, "Forget it, man, and get with the countdown. Shake this square world and blast off for kicksville."

Heyyyyyyyyy! I don't drool.

Except for when I look at my Studs N' Spurs calendar.

Soooooo the thugs were caught with their pants down?

Too easy.

*ahem*......... "Studs and spuds"?
Is this a calander with pics of guys with potatoes in their pants? :-)

oh...SRURS ;-)

if anyone needs me i'll be adjusting my hem and straightening my socks so as not to offend.

Thanks a lot, Judi! Now my whole family knows why I was always hanging out at the malt shop.

Yeah, great look Rakeem...I'm sure the big companies will hire you in a heartbeat.

High five grampa!

"i cannot count the number of times i have said, "Forget it, man, and get with the countdown. Shake this square world and blast off for kicksville.""

you and me both. loves me some geezer bus.

i can't wait to get home and watch those films with my kids - it's a good foil against teenage eyerolling when you can say "remember what i had to put up with" and they actually know. i have a pee-wee herman dvd at home where he shows a 1950's era film on grooming and deportment (made for grade-school kids) that is classic, too.

as for the karate skills, i still got a pretty good left jab.

Good to know these resources are still available for us to educate our own kids with.

*Off to lunch on some nice glass*

Siouxie, the picture made the whole story.

"Forget it, man, and get with the countdown. Shake this square world and blast off for kicksville."

Posted by: judi | 11:36 AM on November 13, 2008

I am so there, judi!

"Little did he know that Ralph was a homosexual."

Stop, you're getting me hot!

"Do you know how to whistle? You just put your lips together and...oh, hi, Ralph!"

Siouxie, thanks for the reminder about 'Studs & Purrs.' Anybody got a coupon?

SPURS, Jazzzzie SPURS.

Annie, I'm getting my new one soon ;-) Coupon or not.

I hate to admit it but one of those hallway geeks in the "Duck and Cover" video looked really close to my former self.

God I'm old.

You could spend hours on that site.

Ooops, just did!

They say sexual deviant like it was a bad thing.

Snork @ "Forget it, man, and get with the countdown. Shake this square world and blast off for kicksville." Kids those days. I'm thinking like totally gag me with a spoon. As if.

You do realize that there are things lurking around us right now that will eventually be exposed as similar creepy/geekness.

*cue music from 'Jaws.'*

I nominate gangsta baggy jeans as one creepy-geek thing-to-be.

amen. and ipods. and simulating the sex act as "dancing" and video games.

The Burger 'King.' He is already creepy/geeky.

ooh, and that abbreviated techno-speak, like OMG, LOL, STFU, etc., iykwim.

How about - Mysp@ce.

The girl with the "bad" hair and rumpled socks looked pretty good compared to my granddaughter in her short full skirt and mismatched high tops phase.

I almost felt bad for that girl. I'm a wuss, I suppose.

Maybe we can lock the porn guy and the guy teasing her in a toilet stall and let both problems take care of themselves.

I must find out who switched all my keys around. Terrorist bastards..

It definitely was not me, Jazzzz.
I was over here <------- minding my own business.

you were setting yourself up for a homosexual hookup, admit it.


The Last Prom -- about drinking and driving. ugh. when i think about it now, totally hilarious. none of us had cars.....

And when we weren't being hammered with "facts" like this, we were hiding under our desks to Prepare for Nuclear Attack.

Ah, the carefree days of childhood...

A course in perversion? Hope it isn't self-study!

Anyone have a copy of their notes that I can borrow?

And no cheating on the final! Eyes on your own papers!

Self-preservation during an atomic attack is for commie cowards? That's why they taught us that useless tactic covering our heads while hiding under our desks...it was the brave thing to do!

Sammy...even at age 11, I remember thinking I'd rather have them drop the bomb directly on my head. Somehow I just couldn't buy into the version of the story where we all leave school after the radiation levels had fallen, and return home to our carefully stored water supplies and canned peaches.

I'm BACK!! the computer geeks had to go all over the map and delete stuff...

Kicksville...man, is that a great place or what.

They were still showing some of these in the early '70s! I vividly remember the one where the boys break open pop bottles and drink glass shards after "smoking reefers."

Ah, yes, Reefer Madness

I do not know how relevant to this blog. A lot of talk but little that is specifically useful.
However, with the last author I agree.

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