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November 21, 2008


Truth is, Americans can sometimes find it difficult to get a handle on the finer points of Japanese culture.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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"I like this tight feeling. It feels good."

Oooookay, then.

"Bra for the boys"?... No, "the boys" are located somewhat lower on the body...

This is hardly news. I sent in this item from Gizmodo but I guess it got tangled up in the overflowing mailbox.

P.S.--As much as I love Michael Chiklis on The Shield, I think he might benefit from one of these. If he lives thru next Tuesday's finale, that is...

*tends to like clothes that don't bind*

I think I'm with Dave on this side of the cultural divide.

Some guys like to wear bras.

Some guys like to get girls out of their bras.

Some guys like to go to business meetings with fisher-price characters in their pants.

Viva la difference!

Three-way guy-simul. NTTIAWWT

And another! (And I'm in both. What does that say?)

scott, you ignorant slut!

Kramer and Frank already came up with the Man-ssiere years ago. The Japanese are way behind this time.

I'm a 44 AA!

scott! you swore you were a knowledgeable slut.

I thought I was. I guess not!

From the comments section:
"But really now...underwire? I'd like to see a guy explain that away at the metal detector."


Once again, the phrase, "the Japanese have way too much time on their hands" crosses my mind...

It's called a bro, man.

oh and btw, Meanie?? judi posted this, not Dave. Pay attention. Is your bro on too tight??

For the boy who has girls.

... who wants them lifted and separated.

Scott, I remember those commercials. Now it's fashionable to lift and smoosh them together.

I'm waiting for fashion to develop an appreciation for "drooping and swinging to and fro".

Don't tase me bro...!


Whoops, my bad! I was under the impression that judi had been fired.

And you guys please turn off the headlights? Thanks.

I swear I read the headline as:
Bra for the boys an online breastseller in Japan

real men use duct tape.

Blue's not my color, Siouxie. That, and I have a few stone on him.

Annie, I know some of those guys.

For the record, after you get the opportunity to have a woman remove her foundation garments and your first thought is, "Bet that would look good on me", you're doing it wrong.

If you guys like wearing the bras, you'll just love it when you get your periods!

Obladee Obladah Life goes on

Hey, I'm all for it. Why don't we all just consider bras as men's clothing and be done with it. I'll be so glad to be rid of mine!

How someone could LOVE, RELISH, ENJOY the feeling of a bra is beyond me. But hey, if it works for you....

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