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November 25, 2008


A pedicab with a pole dancer.

(Thanks to CJrun, who says, "I really hope somebody tries this in San Francisco.")


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cj, NO.

I understand the concept and I hope to see it on the street, but how exactly would it work for a bachelor party. Would the party have to be outside in public? Or does the guy drive the bike inside?

Follow that cab!

I agree with CJ. Down Lombard St.



It's not really a pedicab because there's no place to sit. Except maybe on the dancer's lap? Sort of a reverse lap dance.

Call him the flesh pedaler.

Actually, I'll call him a pole puller.

Where do the customers sit? And is there a cover charge?

Men, always making the world a better place. I bet every guy is okay with that except for her dad.

I'll bet NYC figures out a way to tax it, though.

I'll bet NYC figures out a way to tax it, though.

Allen, that will be $5.45 double posting tax.


...and look, I found a way to get cg to use her Shift key!

Definitely a stirring addition to any tailgate party.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like a new bike.


Dear Layzeeboy:

She'll poke your eyes out, kid !

Um..Santa?? I believe it'll be the other way around (IYKWIM) (AITYD)

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