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November 20, 2008


Police in tree suits.


(Thanks to DavCat)


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The Ents have awakened!

damn. the commenter below the story stole my line.

I saw teh story but mine didn't have the great picture so I didn't bother sending it.

Wait till the dogs start peeing on it.

Kato, how do you like my latest disguise from the Chief Inspector?

...or beavers!

*shudders* This reminds me of an episode of Kolchak: The Night Stalker I watched when I was in third grade. Episode Spanish Moss

So in short, what I imagine when I hear a bump in the dark. Thanks dad for letting me watch that show.

This is a seldom heard-of branch of law enforcement.

Narc on wood.

Is there a problem, conifer?

"Wood you please step out of the car? I'm knot going to ask yew twice."

May I ask what fir?

Should I pop the trunk?

What are you rooting around in your pocket for? Is that a pasta jar? I smell sap!

Run, Forest, run!

Frankly I think they'd be better of in the Stanford mascot costume.

He's got a kinky magazine, Poplar Mechanics, made completely out of dead trees! Check out the rings on that Willow!

^^ passes himself an extra "f" before someone else notices.

*Eats, shoots and leaves*

Don't make an ash of yourself.

They were working under groundcover.

They think the perp maple a fast one.

Finally, a tree that can hug you back!

Any got any more puns? Cuz I'm stumped.

"I've got one of 'em in a hemlock but the other one's still at larch! I'm aspen for some backup! 10-4!"

With all the bark they ride in the back of the cruiser with the K-9 unit.

Would you report, "Officer Down", or just say "Timber"?

This canopy true. We've been oaksed.

"There was a pear of 'em. I axed 'em tupelo 'ver so's I could write 'em a speeding thicket. The elder guy gets out of the car. The other son of a beech hits the petal and leaves. I'm like, 'Whoa, dude, botany drugs lately? Methinks cypress charges!' Anyhow, the younger guy got away. I hope pecan be found. His name spruce. 10-4!"

Whoa, Danny! Take a bough.

I'm just pine time until I can go home. Plus, I borrowed the at larch pun from you (from a few months back). Go fig'r.

Really? Huh. I gotta work on my memory. This gettin' old thing is a birch.

Yeah, you shady truth, all right. Your memory goes, you get sycamore often, and you sure as elm make more trips to the bathroom.

You sequoia mouthful, and you really hit the bonsai that time. No matter how I try to palm myself off as a youngster, nobody willow fall for it. But I try to stay cherry no matter what.

All the puns were taken, but I can contribute this.

fir sure! yew guys are beechin!

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