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November 24, 2008


Mystery piano in woods perplexes police

(Thanks to Laura Vona, Lynn, Gabriel Taylor Forbes, Mollenkamp and Jeff Meyerson)


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It's good the hiker could see sharp . . .

Sneaky kids.

"I found it, girls! Back to practice!"

Phantom of the Open

It's a clue for Jack Bauer. When you hit F sharp it explodes.

I was hoping it could be the lost Babe Ruth piano -- the one he allegedly threw into a pond back in 1918 or so, perhaps lubricated by alcohol. (Dave wrote a piece on it a few years back.) But alas it's in the wrong spot in Massachusetts and it's in good condition.

So...if a piano concerto is played in the woods, and there's no one around to hear it, does the tree fall whilst the bear is sh!tting?

*brain explodes*

"Well, it's nine o'clock on a Saturday..."


"Eeep! Arrrrrrgh"...

Case closed.

when the missus & I were younger musicians we had my organ out in the woods a couple of times...thank god we never left it there...

Proprty of Billy J. Owl

Mama Bear: "baby bear, go practice your scales now"

Baby Bear, winking at Goldilocks: "I can't Mama Bear, my piano is all gone."

ah, it could be done with one person. you just need a truck (wheels mounted on two-by fours) of the right size. i moved my own piano myself more than once, and once took an upright (larger version) up three flights of fire escape with one other fella.

Ach, zere it is! I vish I could vork zese GPS zingies.....

Sounds like Edward Cullen. Dang rabid fan girls tried to lure him out. No such luck.

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