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November 26, 2008


UPDATE: We have been notified that this item is not only old, but also it has already been linked to TWICE, and as a result judi was fired. Rest assured that she will be rehired specifically so she can be fired again.

A man tried to rob a Florida convenience store with a palm frond.

The video is excellent.

(Thanks to Jazzzz)


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judi, and Jazzzz, have been fired.

The video IS indeed excellent. Even the second time around.

*Sends judi some resumé paper*

he just wanted to palm the cash.

rut roh

That video just confirms that you should never bring a palm frond to a bar stool fight.

Idiot brought a palm frond to a stool fight.

CJ, your comment wasn't there when I posted mine. I swear.

Palm Frond Robbers - GNFA Florida RB.

I just knew once his show was canceled, Beavis would go the "child star gone bad" route.

p.s. In case you're wondering, Butthead is now an evangelist minister in a rundown storefront in Tallahassee.

Video is just outstanding!!! Four fronds! ))))

So what's wrong with wanting a bit of shade while going about your business?

We're going to .... CLAP!... stick you up!

♬ Oh I get by with a little help from my fronds...♪

Sorry Judi....I understand there may be some openings at AIG, GM, and Fannie Mae

I especially liked his disguise. No way anyone could identify you after having seen only the top two-thirds of your face.

have they installed a revolving door at the unemployment office, specifically for Judi?

With fronds like these, who needs enemies?

I swear it was Marty Feldman under that frond.

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