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November 24, 2008


...we would observe that today is Jeff Meyerson's 60th.


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Happy Thanksgiving Jeff! Or Birthday. Whichever comes first, or that that we recognize.

- 1 that.

It's OK, Dave. Jeff isn't observing them either.

Happy Birthday. Mr. M.

i've never been very observant. happy birthday, jeff!!!

Well, that's a pretty desperate way to get out of fixing a turkey dinner 60 years ago.
Happy Birthday, Jeff - thanks for all the good material you submit here.


You've truly become part of the in crowd.

- scat

WOW - Jeff gets 60 birthdays? I only get one... I feel so jipped!


Happy B-day, Jeff!

haapy birthday , jeff, giving hope to all the apprentice geezers out there!

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Climb aboard the geezer bus! :)

Jeff Meyerson's Birthday WBAGNFA(geezer)Band

Feliz Birthday, Jeff.

*smacks Jeff 60 times*

Hey, I sent this in!!!!

Happy Gin Day Jeff!

Happy birthday to you, dear Jeff
For a treat, we have hired a great chef
Who will proceed to bake
A mouth-watering cake
And we'll sing to you until you're deaf.


*Dang-it! My name is STILL crossgirl! Danged ol' womin folk messing with a crotchety geezer's stuff*

What? Oh, yeah, Happy Birthday Jeff!

*wanders off, muttering*

Jeff! HBD! Now get back to work.

Wow, I'm shocked and awed and feel like a Jack Bauer shot to the thigh.

Thanks, Dave and all.

It is a pretty big number but I have Dave's example out there (slightly) ahead of me, and my parents still way out there in the future (and in Arizona).

the blog world gives thanks
for jeff meyerson's birthday
all sixty of them!

Forget something, Jeff?? Must be gettin' old ;-P

It's Neil Diamond's birthday too? Who gnu?

Happy birthday, Jeff. Thanks for all the giggles. Not so much the Snorks (they hurt, especially when it's hot tea!)

Oops, I guess I never changed that Diamond thing. And I thank you all again.

My motto is taken from Jimmy Buffett:

Growing Older but Not Up

I'm the mug who sent in the birthday notice to the blog keeper.

Jeff's younger and handsomer brother, Ken

Happy Birthday Jeff!

With all us geezers, he's more like the crypt keeper.

Many happy returns, Jeff.

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

You share this birthday with: Junipero Serra, Zachary Taylor, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Scott Joplin, Dale Carnegie, William F. Buckley Jr. and Billy Connolly.

You get to drive the Geezer Bus today. Watch that left turn signal.

Have a very happy birthday, Jeff. Thanks for all the excellent posts.

If we observed birthdays on this blog, I would say happy birthday, Jeff!

But I'll say it anyway. :-)

Happy birthday, Jeff!!! :)


I'm thinking that MY birthday, September 11, has never been a happy day since 2001.

But that is just me...compared with the anguish that those who lost their family members that day...

For me, at this time. birthday is just a reason to mourn...

Probably WTMI, but a lot of people have underwear/ties older than you.

You're still a spring chickin...celebrate.

Only 5 more years, and you're paid for....

jeez...Afkat - you're right. That does submit a major downer on a birthday. Hope you had a bunch before that fateful day that were joyous.

Happy Day, Jeff! You up for the traditional 60 spanks? I've got my gear on!

Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Don't ever grow up. Happy 60th!

Happy Birthday, Jeff! You should consider writing a book, "Jeff Meyerson Turns Sixty". Near as I can tell, there's a hole in the market for that title...

Jeff, the best thing about being 60 is you can now be referred to as a Sexagenarian

Happy Birthday Jeff!

*realizes he is too late to not observe Jeff's birthday*

*doesn't send a sappy apologetic card*

happy birthday jeff- just a little late since i'm in exile at work..... also my mom's birthday, but she's a little older than you..... hope you got some cake.

Thanks again to all for the wishes and thanks to my little brother Ken who will go through his own next year, but he's cleverly already got a benefit concert planned for himself.

Happy birthday, Jeff!

(Better late than never, right?)

Happy Birthday, Jeff!!!!

I never would have realized you were 60. Your comments seem more in the 30ish age bracket. :)

I write young, Miss C.


I'm the mug who sent in the birthday notice to the blog keeper.
Jeff's younger and handsomer brother, Ken
Posted by: Ken | 07:54 PM on November 24, 2008

*waves @ Ken!!!* I've heard you have a very nice mug. I demand an invitation to your concert. Please. :)

You'll probably get one, Annie, though you'll have to travel up to Portland to see it.

Would this be the Harvard physics Jeff Meyerson
that I knew a thousand years ago?

In either case, Happy Birthday!

Rob Shaw

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