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November 24, 2008


Fla. student arrested after passing gas at school

(Thanks to SW and Kay Myers)


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Amazing! He can turn off computers with just a fart!

*hopes he doesn't get the gas chamber*

pa-dum pum!

That is some seriously potent fart.

"What're ya in for?"
"And they moved away from me on the group W bench there."

And there would have been no farternities.

I wonder if it works for turning off lights? I wouldn't have to nag the kids so much.

Sheesh, I thought my school was mean when they'd send you to the principal's office for stuff like this.

But I bet he wasn't passing History, English, Math, etc..

I went to school with a kid who ate Mandarin oranges every night just so he could excell at farting in school.

He was the most admired boy in seventh grade. In Florida he might not have lived to see eigth grade.

Let's hope he has passed the statute of limitations.

Will he go further or fart-her in school?

The Spectrum Junior-Senior High School was arrested Nov. 4.

Do we still have any cops here? How do you get the cuffs on the school?

i guess they charged him with ass-ault.

then he felt so good he wrote a song about it...

i'm the middle-school tooter gonna shut down your computer this boring sh1t disruptin' with ill wind that is eruptin' from my baggy pants a saggin' and my droopy ass' draggin' to the office mr. chollie say my ass is wack don't crack no gas or out this school you will not pass you can express your mind but not your behind no tolerance for that you'll find but between you and me i agree with your views especially *phew* this school do reek and if it's relief you seek think before you leak step outside homes and rip that squeak.


Next case please, the trial of Smelltet Vs. Dealtit.

No child left anywhere near his behind.

" say 'here' when i call your name...'adkins'? "


"a simple 'fptpt' will suffice... ailesbury?"

Arrest seems like over-kill here -- perhaps a more moderate proposal would be castration. We could always give the little chap neudicles (sp?) if his locker-room prowess was reduced.

Jumpin'Jack Flash ...


I wonder if it works for turning off lights? I wouldn't have to nag the kids so much.

Posted by: Dorakay | 10:08 AM on November 24, 2008

Fart on! phht phhtt!

Fart off! phht phhtt!

Fart on, fart off!

The Farter!

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