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November 30, 2008


Ill. zoo creates ornaments from reindeer droppings

(Thanks to sjhaller and DavCat)


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For that special "something" to give to that guy or girl on your hate list!

Merry $h!tmas!

**wonders how best to use the phrase "a big pile of small" in her next conversation with the evil ex-husband......**

Let's hope they don't get any "inspirations" about garland.

We should start thinking ahead - to Easter!

So, you just have to roll poop in glitter and you can sell it? Interesting....

Truly a gift for the "man who has everything". I'm almost certain he doesn't have one of these! Maybe it could become a yearly tradition--every year, you'd get a different colored reindeer poop decoration, until you had a multi-colored set!

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