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November 30, 2008


(Thanks to chicomathmom)


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*mumble* Show off.

Hmm. Once you get him off do you really want to drink what's in the bottle?

Ribbed for freshness???

I'm willing to bet one meeelion dollars that a woman did not invent that.

Hey.... I've got some of those rings you put around "it". Mine aren't that big.

Jazzzz, I hope you're speaking "proportially" rather than "absolutely"!!!

Uh, "proportionally".

"Professionally"? ? ?

Usually, it's a bad sign if the wine is corked. Now it's a matter of taste.

Jazzz, I'm guessing your 'Saturn' has a moon?

I will never again use the term 'put a cork in it.'

I think I had a friend in middle school that tried that...

Hey, it's not long, but it's skinny........

joke i didn't get until i was in high-school:

why does dr, pepper come in a bottle?

because his wife left him!

Shouldn't that be called the Happy Woman Bottle Stopper?

Hmm. Time to keep an eye out for a rash of "__ was admitted to the hospital to have a bottle removed from his organ" stories.

bwaaaaha, insom. i actually never heard that joke. really.

They should make it so when you turn the little man over, it turns into a wine POURER!!

/Do I have to think of everything?!? Sheesh.

Woman-bottle? Is that the new term for it? I get so behind on lingual fads.

And is that code for wombat battle a.k.a. wombat combat?

and what do you mean by "lingual"?

Naturally, one can "click image to enlarge".

Siouxie told me.

I said rub Mr. D...rub.

How will Siouxie make this work for box wine? Inquiring minds want to know.

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