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November 21, 2008


A dog named Bentley drives into a coffee shop.

(Thanks to Rob Johnson, Cheryl Howard and Jeff Meyerson)


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Oh, he's part Boxer, so it's OK

Lucy. You have some splainin to do.

It would have been cooler (and a lot more expensive) if Bentley was driving a Bentley.

Well, he wouldn't come out when he honked for him...

Does Lucy know how to drive the Weinermobile ?

Guess he moved on from coke cans with pennies in it.

Is Bently a common name for dogs down there in Florida?


Our former dog (may he rest in peace) was a boxer/rott mix named Bentley! He looked a little like the pic, too.

But he was too dumb to drive. He loved to ride in the car, though.

Scott, that is a sad story. Let us hope that one of those dogs will end up living in the White House very soon...

(Psst, Barack, maybe your daughter is not allergic to cats... Just sayin'...)

Dave, if I were you I'd keep Lucy away from Bentley (or this story), IYKWIM.

I'm hiding this story from my hound - he already gets excited enough when we approach the drive-through.

That flea bag was text messaging his 'b@#%c' and licking his chops at the same time . Cats can't even parallel park ,no less, double clutch a stick shift.

And the barista said, "Why the wrong place?"


"He's a smart dog - obviously, he can drive a van."
And probably good as a taxi driver too.

"Bentley was driving a '92 Ford van!" marveled McCarthy, 57. "I was astonished, very much so."
Was he astonished that Bentley was driving or that Bentley was driving a 16 year old van? Maybe the dog was trying to tell him it's time to trade up!

I said he could drive, I didn't say he could drive well . . .

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