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November 20, 2008


(Thanks to Ron Ungerman)

UPDATE: Here's a related product.

(Thanks to Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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♬ Poo-oo-oo are you,
Ooh ooh,
Pooh pooh ♪

Can also be used with this . . .

Oh, bother.

Last xmas my son ralphed in a dept store and they came up with a big can of this stuff, different brand, and covered it up, then swept it up with a broom. Science is great.

Can anyone read Chinese? I was trying to figure out what the heck that stuff was for (yeah,I know how to have fun . . . )

Babelfish translation (I still cannot figure out what Israel and Jordan have to do with it):

Brand-new has not used EasyPoop ultra strong to dehydrate the granulated substance commodity characteristic: The EasyPoop ultra strong dehydration granulated substance is specially the technical product which researches and develops for the cleaning up pet liquid excreta, like vomitus, urine, diarrhea or the overflow food. The EasyPoop ultra strong dehydration granulated substance can effective and absorbs in rapidly the liquid excreta the unnecessary moisture content. Uses the few EasyPoop ultra strong dehydration granulated substance namely to be able to absorb the wide range in several seconds the moisture content. Each bottle of capacity 150 ml can absorb reaches as high as 6,000 c.c. the moisture contents. Only need 灑 in the liquid excreta, the liquid excreta turn the translucent solid shape rapidly lightly, then sweeps with the broom or attracts with the vacuum cleaner, such is easy! Application method: 1. The Israel and Jordan 45 degrees angles sway the bottle body up and down, lightly 灑 in liquid excreta. 2. The liquid excreta will turn the translucent solid shape rapidly, will then sweep with the broom or attracts with the vacuum cleaner. 3. May lose into the translucent solid the drain or breaks in the chamberpot. 4. Flushes the cleaning apparatus with the common clear water then. Environmental protection non-toxic commercial specification: List bottled, each bottle of 150 ml.

Thanks Margaritas. So it's the same as the other stuff. I thought it might be a laxative or sumpin'

79 bucks for cat litter?

I thought "Easy Poop" was burritos and beer.

Do not open until X-Lax.

Click to see larger pictures and different views (of it at work)???? I don't THINK so!

Each Pooh-Powder™ canister contains 120 uses and weighs 4.2 lbs.

What happens if your poo weighs more than that..after all, people tend to eat more during the holidays.

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