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November 20, 2008


(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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will never order any pasta with a cream sauce again. ever. ever. ever.

Genitals in a Jar - maybe on next year's Christmas Gift Guide?

The British version I sent yesterday had this great headline: Pasta Jar Penis Man Chased by Police.

And it had the great picture caption under a dish of spaghetti: Pasta. Jar and penis not pictured

Let's hope it wasn't a glass jar.

Penne al dente?

They should have put that brain worm in there and let it go to work, so to speak.

Better a guy like this doesn't mate.

His real name is Alfredo.

I bet that Jack Russel Terrier was really happy he got arrested.

Police searched his car, recovering pornography... and a Jack Russell terrier.
The poor dog is probably scarred for life!

So, the guy wanted meat sauce ......

Always, always, ALWAYS make sure the vacuum seal has not been broken before you buy any item in a jar.

Waiter: Hey, how's the food everybody?

Patron: Mmm, it's good! You know, it's funny, my husband makes this sauce at home but I've never had it in a restaurant!

Now that's Italian!

Hmm, now we know what's "in there" in those Prego jars.
Here's a better version of the story:

A little sausage with the sauce?


Mama always said to keep stirring it with a wooden spoon.

with his genitals in a jar

...so the guys is married, then?

Yes, Layzee. He's the guy who married Eleanor Rigby.

This explains why Rachael Ray is so damned happy all the time.

Could he be considered the Wooden Chef?

That poor, poor dog. Jack Russels are pretty smart...but, jeeze, give 'em a break!

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