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November 25, 2008


(Thanks to Danny)


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I'm a little teapot, short and stout,
Have your discussion, no need to shout
We are always listening, have no doubt
We've bugged your palace
and freaked you out!

They should set it up next to an iPod with Manilow playing in repeat mode through speakers.

And samovar highest officials are double agents.

...because the world wants to know what the Queen and Prince Phillip talk about whilst having tea & crumpets.

Philip, there's a bug in my tea.

I agree Meanie. Nothing is low enough to get back at the bastard Russians, which WNOTBAGNFARB.

"Meanwhile, a former US Navy intelligence officer has claimed that America snooped on the private life of former prime minister Tony Blair."

Does the British PM get to have interns? That's the only way this info could possibly be interesting.


If the Brits drank coffee instead of tea, they wouldn't have this problem.
But noooooo!

But at least it showed me how I could save a bundle on Christmas gifts this year...

“You’d expect them to cost a fair whack in the UK." What exactly would a "fair whack" be?

So, somebody finally got it right and hid it in the TEA-pot! After "Bombed, Dmitri Bombed" was sent to that Siberian gulag for hiding the bug in the Queen's CHAMBER-pot, it was a black day in Moscow...

The plot was discovered when spies got word that the Russians put out a death threat on agent Earl Grey.

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