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November 21, 2008


Sunday, 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Thigh Wound Time. Jack returns. We'll be blogging it right here. We would write more words but THERE'S NO TIME, DAMMIT!


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Jack is Back! Can't wait!

But what odds will you give me that it'll start late because of a football game running long? Note to anybody recording it: Set your timer to run at least an extra 30 minutes!

Will someone please blog against the trailer? Just to get me in the mood.


The methadone just hasn't been cutting it for a year and a half. I need my Jack heroin!

*prepares for thigh shooting*

Sorry to report this, but Fox has indicated that, due the sagging economy, they will be cutting back to "20!".

Did someone say PERIMETER??


I haven't followed "24", except for the occasional blog-night here, but I'll be happy to drink along!

tw, Jack may just have to shoot the quarterback in the thigh...

*joins Siouxie in a drink (or six)*


Sure hope Jack has his Jackphone charged up, because those cell phone minutes are going to be expensive if he's making calls from Africa!

I wonder if Edgar is still dead?

When he saves my 401k, then I'll pay attention.


(i've never caught up with the actual show, but it's always a scream to watch speed blogging at it's finestfunniest!)

Related, and kinda cool looking, our site posted these promotional posters for the show. Makes me clean my ear so my Bluetooth will be in place Sunday.

oooohhhh, thanks, martinishark! um, excuse me, guys, i have to get off-- the blog.

BLEEP! BLOO...er, wait, I'm early. :)

nora! you slut! I love it ;-)

I'll be counting down the minutes...

Jack who?

Isn't that the guy from "Young Guns?" Is he still acting?

Has anyone else noticed that Jack NEVER used the bathroom....ever?

I blame the low flow toilet.

The 2 hour link between '24' series 6 and series 7 called '24 Redemption' was filmed in Cape Town and features Jack as a missionary in Africa. I'll be sorely pissed if the producers are stereotypically going to show the poverty that exists in Africa without counter balancing that with the beauty and first world aspects of my country.

Just watched "The Sentinel". He said perimeter twice, still drinking.

Suuure, Mot, as if there is attractive scenery in the U.S. episodes. More likely, you'll see hot and dusty location shots, interspersed with squinty, dark scenes shot in a cave. And, introducing 'Splodey Huts!

Worst. Show. Ever.

Poor Jack hasn't taken a dump in four years. On the other hand, he hasn't had a sandwich or a nice piece of fruit in that time, either.

Hey, look! These little kids haven't eaten in a while! They're your neighbors, FLA. How 'bout a li'l help?

I'm just sayin'.

hey mot, same thing happens in shows filmed in new orleans. i feel your pain.

and ;) at siouxie

Woohoo!!! I haven't seen a good perimeter set up in ages!

I love all that Jack Bauer merchandise, especially the quilt lined jackets... even had a Jack Bauer Ford Expedition for a while...

wait... who?

I need the same battery for my cell phone. He never recharges and always 6 bars on a 4 bar phone.
And in 24 hours, he never even needs to nap.
I'll save for later my snarky comments about turning him lose on politicians who kill economies.

Does this mean that The Amazing Steve *trademark thingie* will soon grace us with his presence again?

I'll be there!

O' Boy! I'd given up hope that 24<-I> would ever be back. Anybody catch the time it starts on Sunday?

(goes to set up perimeter and practice thigh shooting)

Will Chloe be there?

Uh, oh. Clearly I forgot how to close an italic html set up. Would somebody please step in and correct this??

Maybe this will work...

Yay! "24" blogging is back!

*Sets up camp in the line to get front-row seat*

*Sets up (portable) blogbar*

Get yer drinks right here!

I've got the schematics!

A local tavern is having a free pizza party during the show. Hmmmm....free pizza or simul-blogging? That's a no brainer. Se y'all tomorrow night.

L-boy, you're not thinking like Jack. Go to the bar, grab as much free pizza as you want and threaten to shoot anyone who stops you from leaving with it. Go home, set up perimeter, munch down and simul-blog. Problem solved!

PS: Don't forget to drink. It's essential.

My fear...

We have just witnessed all the action in the trailer and the remaining 2 hours will be devoted to girly talking about emotions, feelings and dopey political conspiracies.

Once more to the underblog!

It's been soooo long! Time to get the beers and lower the lights... T-Minus 2 hours and 10 minutes :)

Since this is being billed as a "Season 7 prequel", does that mean this season is really "26"? Or is it "2, then some unspecified amount of time, then 24"?

OMG. Life has been so long and so horrible without Jack. Look what happened to the economy. Jack Is Back! It's all gonna be Okay.

--> Goes looking for perimeter munchies and good drinks.

Mike, I'm guessing "26.2." But then I was never very good at math.

But if I drink every time there's a signal, I'll be dead drunk and passed out by 9:15.

Make that 8:15.

Ack! Must grab laptop and modem and head for the living room in order to make snarky comments during 24 and play with my bloglit friends!! It's been too long!

It's been so long, I've even come out of Jack withdrawal. This better be good tonight! I was afraid this blog had given up on Jack! Dammit!

Aww C'mon Rita we have all been waiting so long, hang in there or Jack will come to your house and shoot you in the thigh!

Give up on Jack??? Why...I oughta kneecap you!

Gretchen, I know, I'm a traitor for thinking such things.

My wish list:

Audrey dies. I don’t care how, just that it happens. Not only will this be a great relief to all of us, but it opens new doors for plot development: Heller naturally blames Jack, and goes dark, and among all the other terrorists and rabble rousers, Jack needs to battle the Secretary of Defense. (William DeVane is not suited to be a good guy, he’s obviously bad to the bone, so let’s see him try to plot the destruction of the world just to spite Jack.)

Kim leaves the world behind to go find that cougar, and make friends with it, or something. I don’t hate her enough to want her dead, but I hate her enough to not want her around.

Edgar turns out to not have died, but has secretly been living in the tunnels beneath CSU, doing Edgar stuff. I want Edgar! I want Edgar! The single worst thing they did, besides keep Audrey, was kill off Edgar. Well, that and killing of Nina. Nina was a terrific recurring evil person.

Some closure with the formerly evil, now supposed religious ex-President Logan. I actually want him back in some capacity. He was so good at playing someone who you could laugh at and despise at the same time. I sincerely hope that Martha didn’t kill him with that paring knife.

Martha and Aaron were so boring last time around - I’d like to see them disappear somewhere together and know that they’re happy.
tony tony tony

tony tony tony

Finally: MY TONY.


Okay, then I'll just sip a glass of wine.

But I wouldn't mind Jack showing up ag my house.

Okay, then I'll just sip a glass of wine.

But I wouldn't mind Jack showing up ag my house.

Sorry. I really haven't started drinking yet.

Wizzy - you're not being very specific. Do you want Audrey dead or not?

Everyone wants Audrey dead. Good and dead. Forever.

Including network executives. Her new stupid show was cancelled. Everyone hates Kim Raver's face. They need to deal with that.

Yes, the only good Audrey is a DEAD Audrey.

15 seconds


We are in.....africa....I can tell by the expressions on their faces. Besides they are speaking with african accents.

"sangala, africa" do they think it's a country, too?

Isn't this how Mr. Eko got his start?

THAT was disturbing.


I need a drink. And not wine.

26 Hours!


Kid asks a lot of questions. Let's shoot him in the thigh.

Break his wrist Jack! And break those 1968 glasses too!

You just know he's a bad guy.

I just can't see this guy and not think of "The Full Monty."

ALl right, kill the heckler.

who the heck is THAT guy???? The politician? I can't remember who he is!!

Wizzy - Jon Voight. The original Midnight Cowboy.

Thank you.

Jack doesn't have conversations.

What - not even a guy hug?

Suzy Q - are you out there? What's for dinner? You're very quiet this evening!

You should be worried, we should all be worried. This might get picked up again for next season.

OMG - this is very disturbing. I don't like kids being victims. :(

And I thought the NFL draft was bad. Soccer players have it rough.

Herbie had a cameo.

It's important to have REALLY bad bad guys. It makes it that much better when Jack shoots them in the thighs.

the guys car blows up

Gratuitous sex scene

Gratuitous underwear shot.

Love that weasel guy!!! love him!! glad to see him back!

The curator from Ghost Busters?

Cisco product placement scene.

Nice Cisco product placement. kudos.

He said quagmire

Weasel: Tom Lennox, http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001493/

Go Hide in the shelter with the other children. ha ha ha!!! you tell that weenie, Jack!!!

love the new and improved jack sack!

Defending the perimeter with dynamite

They will learn, you don't mess with Jack.

Turnabout Jack gets tortured?

I was thinking, they really should consult with the last people who took Jack prisoner, trying to get info out of them.

Wonder: will Vampire Jack make an appearance? LOL

New product, Windows Patchwork Quilt ad.

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