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November 28, 2008


All day long, trucks such as this one pull up to the Capitol to dump loads of taxpayer dollars so Congress can give them to large needy financial institutions.



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I'll be in need of the first million or so.

FIRST amendment says I can say anything I want.


A Bank beat me to it. Figures.

Maybe that's the moving van Michelle Obama hired.

What's that big dome thingy in the back of the truck?

How does one register to become a large needy financial institution? Do the trucks do home delivery?

If you buy a Savings and Loan or small, hometown bank, the money the government sends you will pay for the purchase plus a 95% premium.

Most of the purchasers are folks who ran insurance companies to the ground.

Meanwhile, in the rest of America, the sealed dumpsters pictured are seen as better housing options than sleeping under the bridge.

Nice to see where my 401K now lives.

WD.... now THAT was funny !!!!

White trash?

Gee Annie, I haven't been called that since..... well, last week anyway.

In my mind I see it as kind of a really large clown car....and the congress jumps out and out and out and....

Well, back that truck up and unload some of it at the Ducky household. We could really use it, seeing as how some kind soul(s) chose to express their thanks by driving a vehicle through the locked door of Mr. Ducky's warehouse and stealing thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment. I thought this holiday was Thanksgiving, not Thanksgetting-by-breaking-and-entering.

I'm smoldering like a teatowel...

Did anyone tell G.W. that his ride is here?

Ducky. So sorry to hear it. That sucks.

Awww, man, Ducky, that just really ..... um, really. Very sorry to hear of it.

I know it won't help the smoldering much, but at least the stuff that's gone was away from you and your family and no one had to get desperate enough to harm anyone physically for it.

Maybe you'll be a lucky ducky and the perp will do something stupid that allows your stuff to be recovered. This blog is proof that there are many criminal masterminds out there, after all.

Thanks, guys. Good point, Meanie. The really rotten thing is, this is the second time this year--first being over the New Year's holiday. The first time, the perps just jimmied open the warehouse door; this time, they drove through it, necessitating an immediate, emergency replacement. Makes me wonder if it's the same scumbags. You know, Mr. Ducky has had his office/shop/warehouse at the same location for about 18 years, and never had a bit of trouble until the building was sold and new owners took over. Not that I'm blaming them, but it seems odd.

Guess we're not supposed to take holidays off.

They need a truck to carry away a big load. Of Congress.


Jazzie, back atcha.

Margaritaville, that is the most astute comment on this thread so far!

Charity begins at Dome.

Bringing capital to the Capitol. 10-4, good buddy.

*puts hand out, waits for bailout dump from the Big Monee Truck*

(Sorry for your loss, Ducky. That really sucks.)

Dave, I move that we declare the D.C. Hunt a large needy financial institution, and use the truck contents as next year's prize money.

(So sorry, Ducky.)

{{Sorry, Ducky}}

With some cropping and photoshopping, that pic looks like the Capitol being hauled off to the dump.

Well in Zimbabwe it's cheaper to wipe your butt with a Z$1 000 bill than a sheet of toilet paper, and that's no BS. That's when you know your money's worth crap.

Duck, that's rough. I'm afraid we'll see more of that in the current economy.

OT - I was 2nd in line at a stop light a while ago. (Suburbs outside NW Atl). We were on a 2 lane road crossing a 4 lane road and traffic was light. The car in front of me kept creeping forward until its front bumper was in the intersection and crossing traffic had to dodge it. Sure enough it had a Dade Co FL tag /OT

Pogo, I guess he had a Florida driver's license?

Was the left signal on, pogo??


Mott, that's the implication. There just didn't seem to be any reason to be "pushing" that light. It was the only lane going straight, so no one to outrun. There was minimal traffic.

Nope, siouxie, no signal.

Speaking of turn signals, I fear I have reached true geezerdom. The turn signals on my truck don't self-cancel unless I make a full right angle turn, and I have looked down a mile after a lane change to see my signal flashing away.

pogo - I learned that my big ol' tank of a Buick (circa 1993) actually has a geezer alert. If you drive with your blinker on for more than 1/4 of a mile, it starts chiming at you. Of course, I learned this by leaving my blinker on for 1/4 of a mile on I-4 in Orlando.

Exactly why I never use my turn signal. Or come to a complete stop when I'm just gonna start moving again anyway.

(((Ducky)))time to get some fierce guard squirrels to attack those scumbags. Get a security camera. One with a combination motion detector/rocket launcher.

DJT - It has long been my contention that one should be required to present proof of the attainment of age 65 before being allowed to purchase Buick. (70 for a Town Car)

When I took my draft physical (only geezers know what that was) I was informed my hearing was already gone. Now I would be lucky to even hear the chime.

The best car my parents ever owned was a Buick Century Station Wagon.

I actually owned an Oldsmobile when I was 22. Hey, it was a Cutlass International, with a digital dashboard, lit up with bars of light like the Jupiter 2.

That's a GARBAGE truck, doofus! They're picking up a load of old Republican Congressmen, off to the sh*tpile with 'em, 'fore they stink up everything, more.

pogo - Does it count that my friend's 80-something Mom donated it to me because she can no longer remember why she got in the car?

I, in return, occasionally shuttle her around for hair appointments and do some shopping for her.

Interesting point on the hearing thing. Maybe they need to develop some sort of little arm thingy that pops out of the headrest, taps you on the shoulder, and points at the blinking light on the dashboard...

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