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November 20, 2008


(Thanks to geoff)


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Hogs are also immune to snakebite because of the layer of bacon fat under their skins.

The carcass was returned to her.

Fire up the grill!

Bacon for everyone!!

pork chops for thanksgiving this year!!

I'll bet she suuuuueeeeEEs!

Did this happen the week the Vols were supposed to play Arkansas?

In related news, the Police Department is holding a free bbq picnic this Saturday for the whole community.

There is no truth to the rumor that officers were heard to shout "Off the pig!" during this incident.

They quoted a veterinarian's office as saying a hog that size could not be tranquilized.
Obviously they never saw my ex on the couch.

I heard the woman was supposed to move to KY (the jelly state) to live with her sister and family in a trailer, but those plans were canceled.

Please Lord, let a story of smart southern people come out....

LOL, Annie.

The hog was towing a trailer to KY when the hitch broke....

I'm confused, was the 600lb. pig a police officer?

Too many donuts.

where is the article?

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