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November 26, 2008


Dalton Police Catch 'Chicken Foot' Burglar

Key Quote Describing Detective Work: In that incident, Velasco-Rivera threw a bag of chicken parts into the backyard of the residence to distract a barking dog. After tracing the bag back to a Mini-Super Store, Dalton detectives were able to obtain a surveillance image of the man who purchased the chicken parts, which was released to the media.

(Thanks to Flea Bailey)


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The chicken parts were released to the media??

I'm not at all clear on why the chicken parts were released to the media. Are journalist salaries that low nowadays?

Also, Oxymoron of the Day: Mini-Super Store

Motto: Don't chuck your chicken parts before erasing the surveillance tapes.

Just squaaawwkkk, for Mini-Super Chicken!

So what's the problem with Mini-Super??? In 1960, while a dangerous radical at the U of Chgo, I used to shop at the Campus Superette. Yet today I'm a successful coffee-spilling bloglet.

Just goes to show...

There's a special today on Jumbo Shrimp at the Mini-Super.

Did he include celery and blue cheese dressing? Or was that extra?

Did the bag contain a Chicken Heart?


*gets out the jello and burns the sofa, just in case*

The chicken parts WAS released to the media. Is our journalists learning?

I thought the media was always hoping they'd get thrown a bone in order to get the story.

Chattanoogan? not Chattanoogese?

I've got some turkey parts here I won't be needing. I wonder if there's a market for these too.

This man is burdoned with too many names, therefore unable to complete job application forms. I say put him on a government intitlement program.... He is only trying to get on his...uhh..feet

It is regrettable that irresponsible media have once again leaked information about advanced security techniques to the public, thus possibly compromising their effectiveness. Who knows how many more criminals could have been captured through chicken part surveillance, had this state-of-the-art law enforcement tool not been exposed?

Does it say something about the quality of the chcken to notice that the only person who bought intended to throw it to the dogs?

The police correctly assumed the thief had crossed the road...

after reading my previous post , am I INtitled to change spelling..?

That is hilarious. The stupidity of the average criminal never ceases to amaze.

I noticed that, Jazzzz, butt let it slide since you were fired back on the palm frond thread. :-P

We'll unburden (not burdon) you of your guilt, Jazzzzie!

Go sit in the corner Jazzzz.

Did you guys hear about another dumb criminal who bought a $10.99 hammer to break a liquor store window to steal a $8.99 bottle of wine. The poor guy's out 2 bucks and he's going to jail.

Make some room in the corner for me Jazzzz, I forgot to put in a ? above.

This man is burdoned with too many names...

but he is the first line of a limerick!

ricardo velasco-rivera
had bought lots of poultry viscera
to help make his escape
but it was caught on tape
by the chicken-foot tracking camera!

I thought nugget-chucking was something else altogether.

If that happened in Miami, I could say it was a Santeria ritual gone terribly wrong.

Are you saying he got to drink the wine, mot?

This is precisely why I always bring chopped meat along on all my capers. You know, hamburger is virtually untraceable. And it does a really good job of distracting the Duchesses while I purloin their pearls.

No Fergie jokes, please.

AND, who's zoomin' who?

Maybe it was a Santeria ritual using a bad GPS system.

...you know, 'cause he ended up amidst Chattanoogans....instead of in Miami....

LOL Annie.

Well, at least Siouxie got it.

..seems closer to chattahoochee, iycmd

*gives cyn a chatta-noogie*

pardon me spot
is that a chattanooga chew-toy?

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