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November 25, 2008


Man jailed for Spiderpig insults

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Them pigs got no sense of humor


Cheryl stole my comment. Stop, thief!

♪Spider pig, spider pig...does whatever a spider pig does...♫


That picture accompanying says "Homer sings Spiderpig in the Simpsons Movie", but he appears to be dressed as a preacher from that episode where he performs gay weddings...

It's not like pictures of Spiderpig are rare

Spiderpig's secret identity was Peter Porker, wasn't it?

Copper Pig!
Copper Pig!
Doin' all the things a Copper Pig does!

Can he resist a doughnut?
No he can't, he's a Pig!


Lucy's dad: Keep up the good fight for shelter animals...


david mullen no function beer well without...

"Mr Ralph told Perth Sheriff Court that Mullen, of Harriet Row, had been abusing alcohol since the age of 12. "

He's 22 now, so that's gonna be a HECK of a hangover, if the one I had after completing the 18 to 23 age span is any measure.

SO I suppose singing "Blame Canada!" is right out?...

Do Spider Pigs have 8 hams?

*fires up the BBQ, for when Annie kills the Spider Pig.*

"See the pig, how big it's grown,
And friends it hasn't been too long since,
It wasn't big...."

He probably should have stuck with the "Doing the Bart Man" song....

It's less political.

Not as catchy as "Spiderpig" but safer...

♪"...and honey, with mustard
your glaze is so good
we've gone back for seconds
as soon as we could..."♪

Bad enough to sing the song, but to call a policeman ginger?!
He should be shot.

Well, clearly those cops are NOT pigs. Pigs have thicker skin.

I feel for the guy. That song is ADDICTING! I sing it all the time! I can't stop!

Moon, the only way to get rid of an earwig is to give it to someone else. Fortunately I'm immune since I don't know the song.

*snork* @ insom!

For NYC:

(Why should you get to be immune??)

Didn't work, Steve. You probably had to see the Spiderman movie to catch it.

Just don't think of Elmer and Bugs doing "Kill the Wabbit".


'Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever a spiderpig can"

Nah. I'd bust him, too.

Bust this? Nah. "Coming Home," the social networking site.

(Not safe for VA Hospitals.)

House is on. For some of us.

*douses BBQ, as Annie just can't bring herself to provide me a Spider Pig*

CJ - fry up 8 slices of bacon. Using toothpicks, attach them to a meatball. Sashay thru Crossgirl's house with newfound ham-pet, singing signature song.

I, for one, would pay to see that.

But not much.

Annie, in that house, I would have to fry-up a pound of bacon to get a net, 8 slices, because of the thieves that attack from all sides. It's close to impossible to get food to the table.

Unless I cook an elaborate meal, in which case, everybody is asleep when I get it done. I no longer attempt elaborate meals. I am beaten down and now just make sure I have a loaded squirt-gun.

I, too have a loaded squirt gun. In the bedroom. By the candlestick. Loaded with Honey Mustard.


Punkin - can't you just see CJ doing something like that?

Warning: CJ rant\

Meh. House was fun, but it let me down. And that's what's important. Many, many years ago, I was a smart young MD candidate, but I let myself get beaten up. I could never stand the intrusiveness of the bureaucrats. I made an E, as in 0.0 credits for a senior level class I was "encouraged" to take, called "Ethical Issues In Medicine." I hated that class, with such a passion that I attended, failed every exam, and refused to drop it. That put my GPA below 3.5, making med school a tough goal.

Yes, I'm an idiot, but that class taught me that I could never work in a profession where I was second-guessed by people like that. I was getting to work with great people, but hampered by weenies.

House disappointed me, tonight. There really is nothing left of the profession I once aspired to. Doctors aren't always right, but the chance that they may be is what drives them. We no longer have that, even in fiction, in this country. We have average and moderate. That's at least predictable, so welcome to predictable, average, medical science. Coming soon, to a clinic near you.

End rant.

it's alright baby. you don't need no ethics class to play doctor house with me.

...but the pedicab with the pole-dancing platform is on the back burner?

Don't let some silly Hollywood script writer make you sad, CJ.

Let me do it. ;)

*zaps in*

CJ?? you DO know it's only a FRIGGIN' TV SHOW!!!????

*zaps out - back to the finale of Dancing with the has-been Stars and OMG OMG OMG HANNAH MONTANA!!!*

*girly shreeeeeeek* (barf)

Annie, I count on it. I'm not sad.

Well, except for the lack of response from cg about the pedicab. That was a sure money-maker just a thought. Oh. "NO" is considered a response. Well, nevermind, then.

It sure is cold here. I wonder how cold it is at cg's house, where it's at least 5 degrees colder? Or how her firewood supply is holding out? I'm just concerned. I'm a giver.


*Hands Jazzzz a cough drop*

Hi! I'm from the future! Buy Apple stock, but sell it before 2013 starts...

This has been your warning from the future.

Oh, one more thing: Dave will write a *book* in my year!

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