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November 18, 2008


It's getting so a man can't adjust himself.

(Thanks to eugen beer and Jeff Meyerson)


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Knudson - who described himself as a "jack of all trades"

I'd say more like jack off all trades...

Return of the pipe snake!

Siouxie, yours is the best line about all this, but let me add these to the pile:
- Does this qualify him for the Mile Hand Club?
- "REALLY g'day, mate!"

Was that a Virgin Blue ball flight?

There just in not enough gin in the world.

Seat back in full upright position? Check.
Tray table in full upright position? Check.
Now, what was that last thing the flight attendant announced? Oh, yeah ......

I can not comment on this story without seeing pictures of Simone Holt and Kelly Taylor.

Well, it's not illegal in the U.S.

Is it?

If you've ever wanted to eat the rich, they're cooking them now in LA.

Don't forget the Grey Poupon. Or whatever color you poupon.

luke knudson made fumblings trousal
in the hope of a seatmate's arousal
the honourable fong lim
said 'you grabbed the wrong limb'
and destroyed all his hopes for espousal.

He was just adjusting himself... repeatedly.

He was simply not used to his new underwear. As Kramer said, "My boys need a house! With boxers I'm flipping and flopping!"

well yeah, the article clearly says he was wearing thongs. if you wear more than one at at a time, you're gonna need to do some adjusting.

Thong thung blue?... Owwww!

"You are now free to move about your pants."

"Please turn off all devices with an on/off switch."

Did anyone notice this was listed under Caption Contest?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

"Does this thong make my d!ck look big? (adjusts himself) How about now?"

"Say hello to my leetle friend."

What? I had it in a box!

I'm sorry - white socks and thongs? He's guilty, guilty, guilty....

Zipper emergency! Oww! Oww! Call 911!

Breaking News: Jim Carey's mini me.

That guy really needs to get a grip. Obviously.

Nobody has yet made comment on the fact that he's from Ballina... I guess it's just too easy, huh?

"Lucas S. Knudson" = "Unsound slacks"

What a hoser!

Attendant: What's the matter? Fly in the soup?

Passenger: More like a SOAP in the fly.

ZZ Top: Tube Snake Boogie!

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