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November 20, 2008


NC undercover officers use Taser on pallbearer

(Thanks to bilge, Jeff Meyerson and Tom Meerschaert)


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Key "we almost made it to America's Funniest Videos" line: "We almost dropped the casket."

This must have been in Keystone, NC

Would it have killed them to wait until after the funeral for their zapping fun?...

The cops must have been tipped off that he was going to switch places with his father to evade the law.

Gladwyn Taft Russ III?
He is so gonna sue the police.

The best part is how his first thought was that it was a drug deal gone wrong. I prefer to get my drugs at military retirement ceremonies.

I guess Ed McMahon isn't working for Publishers' Clearing House anymore.

Brother-in-law: "Everybody was so scared. We thought it was a drug deal gone bad."

Russ: "Shaddup, already! Ain't I got enough to contend with?"

He's lucky he escaped with is trailer and possesions still intact.

The only thing missing in this story is a moblile home in the middle of the road.

Relatives said two deputies dressed in coats and ties grabbed Russ and kneed him in his back before using a Taser on him.

At least the deputies were dressed nice. So many people these days don't respect the dead.

One deputy's gun fell out of its holster.

No comment needed.

"Everybody was so scared. We thought it was a drug deal gone bad," said Ronnie Simmons, another pallbearer and Russ' brother-in-law.

Because you were expecting a drug deal??

And out of respect for the deceased they made sure he was wearing a black eye.

And out of respect for the deceased they made sure he was wearing a black eye.

ashes to ashes, bust to bust...

Well, that would certainly cast a pall over the proceedings.

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