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November 30, 2008


Ho ho ho.


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No pictures??? But I was a very good girl this year, Santa.

Found a site with snippets of their 2004 calendar. There's even a woman on the team - see November's page. Maybe I'm spoiled, butt....

...rugby balls have been strategically positiones....
Annie.... you wanna ... uh..handle this one (or two)?

add or subtract s and d....whatever...

Apparently January is an ass.

November is NSFW. Note the hairiness of the arms--I don't think those are HER hands.

How fitting that Oct. has on a "tool" belt

A little ot with your scrum, eh?

I'll pass on that one, Jazzzz. There's passing in rugby, right? Yeah, I'll pass.

Phil, she's British, so those could be her hands.

It was a nice concept, though, at least in my mind. Sigh.

Phil, unless she has two elbows on each arm, those are definitely not her hands.

Maybe if a girl rugby team did this... no. Never mind. Cancel that thought and any associated images.

photos of naked rugby players make blogettes all wembley inside...

insom....some do. NSFW!

funny isom.... I get it, which is surprising, since I have a sense of humor deficit

Annie... why is that poor man all swole-up like that ?

ooo, nekkid rugby players with morning coffee. wtg, judi!

Thanks for the link Annie. *sigh*

Jazzz. I think because he was looking at pix of hisself.

The Sheriff is gonna want his cut.

*wondering what else is helping Mr. June hold that dumbell*


Rugby players are always willing to give their balls a bit of air

So many ball jokes so little time.

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