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November 30, 2008


Weasel Head re-elected chief of Blood Tribe

On the council: Dexter Bruised Head

This has been your Canadian Political Update.


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I would like to see the American Congress adopt similar names...

Chief Weasel Head is one of the most appropriate names for a politician I have ever heard.

Oh... CHARLIE Weasel Head. I thought I knew him, but wrong first name.

I think Kirby Many Fingers may have stuffed the ballot drum.

Also on the ballot, Norbert Weasel Head. I wonder if he and Chief Weasel Head are related to each other, and perhaps to Frank Zappa, as well?

I'm confused CP..... I thought "Norbert Weasel Head" was a girl's name.

Yes, Weasel Clan!

*sniff* I always knew cousin Chuck would be a success.

Jazzzzz: That would be Rasputia Weasel Head.

Just how many fingers does Kirby Many Fingers have anyway?

The only legacy that the Liberals produced in 8 years of power is the Bloc Quebecois.
That is why the Liberals were not voted into power.
They want that power back and obviously will do anything to obtain it. Even make Canada's economic crisis worse,use it as a pawn and battle cry.
Canadians don't want to pay for the Bloc. We don't care if the Liberals are bankrupt. Obviously there are some old crony powers in Ottawa who do.
Canadians can not let these socialist freaks get power again!
With hold all federal taxes!

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