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November 24, 2008


(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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Researchers from Roehampton University listened to the grunts, coos and girneys of the 24 monkeys.

While I've been known to grunt and coo, I have NEVER girneyed!



So 12 females talk more than 6 males. Consider: 66 possible pairs of females, 12 possible pairs of males, 72 possible pairs of one each.

There is no definition for "girneys" in the OED. Maybe it's a monkey-science thing that we just wouldn't understand.

What are those boffins thinking now? I mean, hell, aren't there other things to study? I seriously doubt the validity of this stupid and assinine study. I mean, aren't there other things in the world to study, like curing cancer, for instance. While they are all like, studying these primates, who's going to find a cure for global warming? Just recycling is not going to cut it. We also need to find a viable idea to bring and or force world peace on the rest of the world whether they freaking want it or not. Who cares? Do monkeys care? I think not. But we care, or should care, or conversely, force people to care. And then this world will be a better place to live.

Marg, are you grunting that or cooing that? (You made your point, and I SNORKED!)

if the male monkeys wouldn't screw up so much, the females wouldn't have so much to talk about.

If they were serious about studying female communication they would have used squawking hens.

"Be glad we did not ask one of the female researchers, that quote could have been 13 times as long."

I bet the author of the article is going to be sleeping on the couch for the foreseeable future.

*smacks* Sharkie!

eilbeback---considering this annoying cold I have today, I shall be grunting against my will for the duration of the day and possibly into tomorrow.


Margaritaville, the verb girney means 'to discuss, and possibly research, a cure for cancer.'

And *snork* @ crossgirl!

Annie, I googled it and also found out it is an unfortunate last name for a lot of people.

I shall balance the "excessive female chatter" by giving the male blogits the silent treatment instead.


I mean it.

I'm not talking to you.

I have nothing further to say.

*slams door*

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