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November 20, 2008


Now they're baffled by a two-faced kitten.

This has been your Boffin Update.

(Thanks to Mahatma Kane Jeeves)


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Boffins are so easily baffled . . .

I still think boffin' sounds dirty. Maybe it's just me.

better be careful. a lot of cat fights start when one party is two-faced.

If chased, it will run up a forest.

Had a roommate like that once. Unfortunately, he was able to eat with both mouths.

You two-faced little b!tch... I mean, kitten! Better get a bigger bag of kitten chow.

A portrait of the owner.

Well, if boffins have never seen that before they obviously don't have the interweb where boffins live.

I'm a little baffled on boffins. What are they?

Cheesy: the second definition . . .

Cheese...Boffins are UK/NZ/'Strylian scientist/geeks. Think pocket protectors and no social skills;)

(But I also sympathize with Siouxie's feelings: Like, don't come a'coughin' if the lab is a-boffin')

Thank you one and all. I was hoping it was more like boffing, bopping or boinking as, it would seem, were the ladies.

Ah well.

Now instead of suddenly racing into the next room it will spin in circle.

Ripley's Museum has a two-faced kitten in an exhibit. It completely freaked out my daughter when she was little.

So that's where lawyers come from!

Here kitty, kitty--ACK!

It's a Siamese cat, duh!

Wait until it opens its eyes--that is going to be one freakadelic-looking animal. I would so love to buy this cat and let it roam my yard.

Rather have a three headed dog.

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