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November 24, 2008


Perhaps someday you'll be able to bring your hamster.

(We think that would be a great expression, as in "Bob really brought his hamster to that party!")


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Will Richard Gere be endorsing this product?

Richard Gere wants to know if they make pants.

I can see it now...

Male dork walking up to chick at party : "Wanna pet my hamster??"

Chick: *SMACK*

Why settle for watching hamsters? Next up - the external intestine!

totally unnecessary...

Bob, stop spanking your hamster!

Russian entertainment, of course!

Bring it on!

HOW many times do I have to say it?!?!

Hang a hamster wheel off the belt buckle. NOW you got a party!

Will they be commercially available in time for the 2009 Gift Guide?

i'm waiting for bring your hamster to work day.

Where does the tube go?

What tube?

I was ridiculed unmercifully for bringing Fred to a party in one of these. Never again!

cg!!! *waves wildly* Hiya!!

'bringing your hamster' = 'gettin' guinea-piggy with it'

*snork* @ insom!

After seeing the look on the diagram-kid's face, I'm really wondering where the hamster was...

If you think the hamster vest is odd, heck out the link to "Love Pets Sexy Lingerie" about halfway down the page.

Heck to you Love Pets Sexy Lingerie! Heck you to hell!

*snork* @ Margaritaville!
I still want a hamster-wheel belt buckle. Zoom, zoom, right Siouxie?

You could wrap your body in dryer vent tube and let your cat run around. Reminds me of my favorite literary image. "As she walked away it looked like two bulldogs fighting under her skirt". Len Elmore, Maximum Bob.

Batteries included, Annie!


Take another look at that vest.You'd be the life of the party, until someone mistook you and your hamster geekpack for a suicide bomber.

"I have a hamster, and I'm not afraid to use it"!

Make that "!" Sorry. Forgot I wasn't British.

I can't resist.

Oh, Cat. For shame. I resisted that all day. And you had to go and post it.


tee hee!

What is "dogsand"?

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