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November 24, 2008


Rapper gets 20 years after writing shooting song

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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shot him in the thigh, hmmm. obviously a 24 fan.


Now if we could only charge Manilow with cruel and unusual punishment.

Is our rappers learning, yo?

And upon his release, he will be sentenced to the Barry Manilow Room in Colorado.

I guess this will be featured on Stupid Criminals soon.

That would make for a pretty short CSI episode.

"See if you can reconstruct the bullet using the Groinometer 6000, then get it to the lab to find out how many guns in the tri-state area are capable of firing that caliber. I have a hunch that we're going to want to know how many fudgesicles were sold that day too."

"Uh, the vic provided a CD of the perp confessing."

"Oh. Well. I guess listen to the rest of the songs and see if he's the one who has been littering on 52nd Street."

My original tagline was: "And yet Vicki Lawrence is still free after double homicide in Georgia"...

...not even the chair.

I dunno. Bobby Goldsboro looks like the kind of guy who spent some time in the can, and probably got roughed up for that mop top hairdo.

I can get him my lawyer's number for the appeal.

But, DAAAAAAVVVVEEE...she was always young at heart, kinda dumb and kinda smart, and he loved her so--she surprised him with a puppy, kept him up all Christmas Eve, two years ago!!!

But he did not shoot the deputy . . .

see the indictment how big it's grown...

Before Annie starts singing...

♫ It's a small world after all...♬

*smacks self*

Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs. All the death row candidates. This guy's just the new generation.

Not sure what his next tune will be, because two songs don't make a Wright.

Curse you, "Honey" earworm distributors! CURSE YOUUUUUUU!!!

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