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November 24, 2008


Noise violatiors (yes, "violatiors") in Fort Lupton sentenced to listen to Barry Manilow

(Thanks to Justin Barber, Layzeeboy, pogo, jazzzz, Lloyd Kerley, SW, Mark Neuburger, Mark Schlesigner, Jesse Yates and Wyo Cowboy)


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I'd rather be shot in the thigh by Jack Bauer.

"Most kids don't want to hear somebody like Glenn Close trying to sing opera," he said.

Good point. Now Barry... .

Woohoo! I gawt posted! A first for me! It was a team effort.

YAY to pogo!!!

and bring out the brain bleach!

and YAY to Wyo!!! and jazzzzzzzie!! and Layzee, and Lloyd Kerley, and SW, and Mark Neuburger, and Mark Schlesigner, and Jesse Yates and....

what were we talking about?

Isn't this the State that gave us Tancredo?

when my neighbors get really annoying with the thumpthumpthump crap, i open the windows and practice barbershop! sometimes i sing along with the men's cds, and i take the tenor part.

I KNEW you were RBR material, judi!

It's only a matter of time, now.....

Cruel? Certainly.

Unusual? Not nearly enough.

The sentences will be overturned under the 8th Amendment: "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted."

I live across a lake from about.... fifty million Cubans (it's Miami...) and they have parties all the time with tasteless music. The music amplifies and echoes over the water. I DREAM Kanye. I DREAM Daddy Yankee. *shudder*

No offense if you like them. At least it isn't Barry Manilow. That's nice.

I saw this article yesterday, and "violators" was misspelled. But it looks like they fixed it.

Kinda like when we blogits gently "correct" the Blogness, and then he goes in and magically fixes everything, so our posts about some mysterious typo look pathetic and we look like a bunch of weenies.

It's ok, TIffany. I'm Cuban and I can't stand our music for more than 2 mins.

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