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November 30, 2008


(Thanks to DavCat)


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I strongly believe that that article was written for the sole purpose of using the term "wombat combat".

lethal wombat combat = muskrat love, Chapter Two.

Tie me kangaroo down, sport!


Not the wombats!

I was briefly a member of an inner tube water polo team called the "Aqua Wombats." Worst team in any sport ever, but I bonded with the 'bats.

"If numbers are growing and you shoot them, then another one will come along and replace it sooner or later..."
Sounds like a kind of scarey zombie army.

Zombie Wombat Combat wbagnfa video game...

"... being shot across NWS..."
By cannon?....what gun is big enough to put a wombat in?

Release the squirrels!

(not the national anthem, but close)

we thought we'd killed ya
we thought we'd killed ya
we're going to cull all the wombats, you see
and his eyes blazed with hatred of everything marsupial
we're going to cull all the wombats, you see

Annie.... please don't tell me where you found that.... really..

Annie.... please don't tell me where you found that.... really..

oooo.... that felt good. I haven't had a good bot-focking in a long time...

I wuz thinkin' that Lethal Wombat Combat wbagnfa(n) Aussie rb ... but y'all have sorta overshadowed that concept with yer overall wittiness and eruditionalisticalness ... nice job, folks!

Insom, I have a Border collie named Matilda, and she resents you changing her song.

Give each wombat a coupon for a free spay or neuter, and put a short expiration date on the coupon. They can redeem the coupon when they come in to town for their Christmas shopping. Problem solved.

Wombats, platypi, Nichole Kidman...ever since they started dumping British convicts down there, that place ain't been right.

Jazz...Glad I wasn't the only one visualizing heavy wombat-fire lighting up the NSW skies...

yeah, Betsy.... I still think it would make a more interesting story...

Being American, my primary concern is -- are they any good to eat?

maybe Brit Beefeaters could wear them instead of beavers. As hats.
No, I haven't been drinking. Much.

WD....tastes like chicken..

Jazzzz, that requires a Wombattery.

*resists temptation to respond to "wearing beavers"*

do you dip them in the wombattery, CJ? (btw...Jags tonite?)

Pogo.... I think "wearing beavers" is like a Waring™ blender

Excuse me while I go hang myself because of the Sprint™ roll over add on this thread

No, it takes a pouch-full of DDs; Sio can hook you up.

Jags at the Texans, tomorrow night. Enjoyed a good Bucs game today and the Broncos-Jets game is beer-worthy. I love pointy ball in bad weather (Hey, I'm outside, huddled in the carport, so it counts!)

Funny to hear you talk about this. So few do these days. Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business radio show (www.PriceofBusiness.com) has done so as well.

He notes we pay more than a quarter of the organization's budget but have nothing to show for it but constant disdain for the United States.

Sooooo....wombats have a direct affect on our economy? ..... who gnu ?

Is Craig Box a marsupial? Can we get a permit to cull him too?

Isn't Craig Box a sort of Beefeater hat?

I'm pretty sure "Craig" is Australian for "S#it". At least in this case.

We're paying for wombats' budgets? Man, that stinks. I've got all I can do trying to pay for my own budget.

*shuffles in, tired, red-eyed & with scary bedhead. Makes pot of coffee, sets out leftover T-Day pies, scratches, yawns, goes back to bed*

*Nabs piece of pie and cup of coffee to eat in bed*

Thanks, Punkin.

Punkin, you forgot to fart. Butt..that's ok.

*grabs piece of pecan pie & cuppa coffee*

*Grabs coffee and pours pie*

*Wipes up, tries again - grabs pie, pours coffee*

*Joins the so-called United Nations in doing nothing*

did anyone else think of ROUS's?

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