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November 04, 2008


Today we, as a nation, will choose our next president. Let's not blow it.


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We have touch-screen voting here (oooh, look at us!) and I couldn't figure out how to write your name in, Dave, so I just used a Sharpie marker and wrote on the screen. That is how strongly I felt.

My vote is in...

Dave Barry For President, Yes of the United States!

So, you don't want us to blow you, Dave? Ok!

Jeff, after we spent millions on gettin' them touchy-screen thingies here in Florida, we decided that they just couldn't be trusted. Nothing to do with voter ineptitude, nosirree!

Early reports are describing long lines at the poles in strip clubs.

WHOA. I just changed my facebook status to the election cause, and it now says this:

Jeff Tompkins is the 1,076,320th person to donate their status to get out the vote for Dave Barry today. Donate yours: http://causes.com/election/.
1,076,320 for Dave Barry? I have a feeling that they mean all candidates, but if not, this could be the biggest surprise election in history.

Judi, thank you for not calling me 36 times a day for a campaign contribution, a survey, to make sure I'm registered, as a vote reminder, during dinner, lunch, breakfast, after midnight, during critical family moments, while I'm repairing the roof, as I'm just going out the door, when I'm just falling asleep, or, most importantly, when I'm blogging.

Now, there's something fairly important happening today, right? I hope I can remember what it is.

there's an election?

Hey Dave...I voted for you three times in Florida...but that's OK, I'm Canadian...

count my vote AND you've got the dog and my dead grandmother's vote too!

ROFL, Meanie. I was so disgusted with the relentless campaigning I almost voted third party just so those chuckleheads wouldn't get my support. But at the poll good sense overcame irritation.
Vote, so that you can complain for the next two years about politicians.

If Denny Crane can cross the aisle, anything can happen.

Mr. R just voted and said the lines at our polling place (church) weren't too bad. They were longer for electronic than paper.

Time to rouse the kittens who have no school today, so they can come with me to vote. My daughter's middle school held their mock election yesterday, and Obama won. She's all fired up, and made a t-shirt for the occasion. Then she asked me if we should write in my name on election day. "You may as well run for President, Mom. You need a job."

Where do I get my
"Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Dave Barry"
"Yes, of the United States"

Dave, I voted for you two weeks ago so..IF Florida anyone blows it today, it's not MY fault.

btw, you DO need to change the year to say 2008.

Dangit Dave, just got done voting. Ya should have said something sooner. Sorry!

Just heard a Gracie Allen line on the radio that would have helped your campaign:

Interviewer: Gracie, what do you think about the national debt?
Gracie: We should be proud of it, it's the biggest in the world!

(Sad to think that line's been funny since 1932.)

Gee, Cat, I'd rather just see McCain and Obama settle it all with a paintball fight ... That was hilarious!

I voted for you Dave, just for the simple fact that you didn't waste money updating your campaign material....means you will have more money to buy us all drinks at the victory party.

They didn't have any way to write in your name (or anyone else's) here, and that was the paper ballot! What IS this world coming to?

all i want is a booth somewhere
lots of reasons to tear my hair
races about which i couldn't care
oh, wouldn't it be voterly!

lots of polls create lots of heat
arguing over every seat
sarah palin eatin' raw meat
oh, wouldn't it be voterly!

dems. and reps. needing your support
challenges of every type and sort
decided by the supreme court?
now, that's not very voterly!

Wow! Dave's got serious star power, if you notice all of the now-deceased celebrities that have endorsed him :-)

So Dave,
Are you going to spend the day campaigning (like the other goobers), or just rest on your laurels and watch the votes roll in?

We "as a nation"?

I thought it was "we" as eleven battleground states.

Either way, here's hoping you win!

Dave, what do we get for voting for you?

All I got was free coffee. Hmmph!

Steve, what will David Kelley do if Obama wins? I loved that paintball fight too.

The returns tonight should be pretty entertaining. Florida, behave yourselves.

Vote Early, Vote Often!

Dave is the most sincere candidate in all the pumpkin patch, and if he wins...

I meant "when"!
Oh no, a slip like that can cause an election to pass you by...

I was the first person in the line to vote this morning. Another guy was jamming to news radio in the parking lot, but I beat him to the door.

The polls in Illinois open at 6:00 am. There is a longstanding bet as to which one of a few of us will be the first in the line. OK, I admit the bet is about an obsession. If I vote quickly enough, I can catch the 6:22 am train.

I noticed cars pulling into the parking lot at the combination junior high and grade school. A lot of cars. By the time I left at about 6:05 am, there were at least 100 people at Ward 9 Precinct 9. At my daughter's junior high, the line was shorter at about 75 people.

Whichever candidate you support (or vote against), you gotta be happy that there are lines to vote.

a great day for democracy.

Yes, we can show questionable taste

Yes, we can show questionable taste.

I also voted twice.

I didn’t get a sticker, but I voted - the Scholastic student voting poll says the kids overwhelmingly voted blue. Let’s see if they are right again this year! Vote early and vote often and if the kids are still in school, scare them.....

I voted on my way to work this morning - I wrote in Dave Barry for every office, just in case. Dave, you wanted to be Podunk City dogcatcher, right?

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