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November 19, 2008


Today, as you are no doubt aware, is World Toilet Day. You should definitely take the day off from work so you can observe this occasion in an appropriate manner.


(Thanks to Chicomathmom)


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And shoot, if that's not stimulation enough, it's National Ammo Day.

Hello? Hello? hello ...

Quite an echo in this room!

Here I sit, all broken-hearted
Waited 10 months; 24's not started

And in case you wanted to know: What Brits get up to on the loo.

Toilets deserve a day. If you don't think so, just imagine a day without them.

According to the World Toilet Day site: "Most toilets flush in the key of E flat."

When was the last time you tuned yours?

dry toilet
next they will want you to bring your own water to flush with......

I've made my contribution!


Can you get p0rn on that thing?

*did i say that out loud?*


random, yes you did.

pad, don't ask.

The theme encompasses 3 "WE"s

TOILETS: World Toilet Organization has always been trying to make toilet a desirable object to discourage open defecation, and so WTO feels that toilets deserve better social status.

CLEANERS: WTO aims to professionalize the sanitation and restroom industry and toilet cleaners deserve better pay, respect and prospects

2.5 Billion Toilet-less People: The 2.5 billion toilet-less people around the world deserve better place to defecate --- a toilet

OK, very noble, life-affirming and uplifting and all that, but, um ...... exactly how are these the "3 'WE's"?

"If it's yellow let it mellow...if it's brown flush it down."

Back in Roman times they all sat in a row on stone seats over a furrow of running water and discussed business. Things don't change much do they?

One major difference though, in Roman times the rich folk would take their slaves to the toilet with them in winter to warm the stone seats up for the owners.

If I hadn't visited "hospitals" in Afghanistan with no toilets (or even running water) I might better appreciate the humor in devoting one's life to this cause.

Celebrate as you will, but know that there's trouble brewing on Toilet Day:


I for one don't think I want to know how a "dry" toilet works, though offhand it sounds like a move from low-flow to no-flow.

Someone call Joe Knollenberg!

KJP, I know I'm not cleaning that toilet.

I scrolled down to see if there were any comments, and I saw an article about a grandmother who hacked up her 71 year old husband with a machete.

Siouxie, do you know where your Mother is, and have you talked to your Dad today ????

Tel, she's hopefully in Heaven...she may be whackin' dear old Dad with a machete up there though. I blame the hot Cubana blood ;-)

Back in my day we didn't have no plasma screens counter-sunk in the floor with bluetooth capability to play HALO for 48 hours. we had to aim for the cigarette butt in the toilet for bathroom entertainment, and we were thankful for that!

"The average person flushes a toilet about 2500 times a year, while using about eight sheets of toilet paper per day. "

*realizes she has been using way more than eight sheets per day*

*hangs head in shame*

2500 / 365 = 6.849 flushes per day

8 sheets / 6.849 flushes = 1.16 squares per flush

I think I need a remedial course from Sheryl Crow.

Hey, wait! "Average person" male, or "Average person" female? I think that might skew the results a bit.

Wow. The Ozzies have a TOILET TAX!!!???

No wonder they don't drink beer!

sorry i'm late. i was in the terlet.

"Speaking at the recent World Toilet Summit in Macau, World Toilet Organisation founder Jack Sims said the concept of the flushing toilet was unsustainable."


What a bummer, but hey we all have sinned

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