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October 02, 2008


Teacher Fired After Asking Her Students For Massages

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Something about this story rubs me the wrong way.

Just a little lower..... lower.... Oh yeah, right there! Right there!

Yes! yes! Yes! Oh sweet Jesus, yes!

Now what could possibly be inappropriate about that?

That's outrageous. Kids should already know how to give massages by the 2nd grade.

*SNORK* @ clark

It's just that their tiny feet work so well . . .

Close Encounters of the Third Grade

Geez, it's not as if she was PAYING them for massages.

Maybe not in money, Siouxie, but I bet there was some sort of gold star kickback scheme going on....

Not to mention the best massagers got to chew gum without bringing enough for the whole class...

“…and while you’re at it, bring me a beer, you little monsters!…”

Is our massuesses learning?

I could see having them wash my car, shine my shoes, maybe some light yard work....

But massages? I think you gotta draw the line there....

See Spot and rub. Rub, rub, rub.

School officials say they've already replaced Coulter with a new teacher...

...who will only be giving out good grades in exchange for lunch money.

Aye, there's the rub.

I think she's just at the forefront of the vocational education movement.

hm. sounds like a major overreaction to me.

i liked the link below, though: "man shoots own arm after being denied sex"

boy if only had a nickle for every time that's happened...

"No no no! I asked them for MESSAGES!"

You'd have two nickels and trouble typing?

*snork* @ CJ!

*snork* at cj/mud.

*tosses 'CJ' up into mud's last line*

VERY good, CJ! :D Hahahahaha! cg - you did find a treasure. :)

BOT - Seriously, though, I'd be FAR more worried about track meets than the Science Fair, Dave.

Or football games. The guys already pat each other on the butt.

Huh. We used to give our 3rd grade teacher neck rubs. It was also a privilege to be able to brush her hair. Nothing like finding out 30 years after the fact that we weren't happy and were in fact being abused.

Highly inappropriate? Highly overreacted. I was given the nickname "The Healer" at a radio station I once worked at, when word got around that I was good at neck rubs and shoulder massages. That talent was highly sought after by the ladies in sales and administration.

Puhleez. A neck rub is about as sexual as a handshake. I guess I should feel lucky these jokers can't travel back in time and sue me for harassing women who asked for it. The neck rubs, I mean.

Kids, there's an important lesson to be learned here: Don't ever show kindness of this sort to the people in your life, because some moron will read his/her own neuroses into it and distort it into something perverted. And will likely use a camera or a microphone in so doing.


I gave my kindergarted teacher back rubs...and she was cool but she felt sticky. XS

Only in FL.

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