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October 31, 2008


Spanish Hamster Waiters Out To Crucify Lewis Hamilton

(Also we of course think "Spanish Hamster Waiters" would be a good name etc.)


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Either way, it doesn't sound good for the hamster.

Okay, I read the article and I still don't understand WTFBBQ?!?

Hmm, must be that 'hidden meaning' stuff . . .

I didn't even hear anything and I still don't like the sound of it.

I think I had this article in the Reading Comprehension portion of my SATs.

I clicked on the links too, and still have no idea what's going on. Someone is obviously mad at a race-car driver, but that's all I got.

Silly, people. Clearly, this is one of the Amendments we're supposed to vote on.

My attempt at an explanation: A big story in the UK this week concerns the trouble that BBC hosts Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross have gotten into for leaving, while on air, offensive voice messages on the phone line of the actor Andrew Sachs, who played the hapless waiter Manuel on the series Fawlty Towers. In that series, Manuel kept a pet hamster. A second big story concerns the massive abuse heaped (on blogs, message boards, etc.) on UK Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton by Spanish fans of the competing driver Fernando Alonso, ahead of this weekend's Barcelona Grand Prix. What Anorak is doing here, I guess, is calling all these abusive Spanish fans "Spanish hamster waiters" -- that is, they're all just like, or extensions of, or some such, the hapless and rather slow Manuel.

No entiendo.

The whole article is a Babelfish translation gone amok.

good evening. you see i can speak english. i learned it from a book.

Sooo... are there hamsters functioning as waiters or are there waiters who are serving the hamsters?

♪ There is a blog for Spanish hamsters....♫

Do they deliver?

Annie, this is like our Spanish cabana boy...only his name is RRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrolando.

Not Lewis Hamilton!! Horror!

That made my head hurt. Is the BlogBar open, yet?

Got it. I keep forgetting he has a hamster. Probably because you hoard it. You Cuban Hamster Hoarder, you.

In the link "explaining" hamster waiters (which actually didn't), it was amusing to see a story which pretended Americans (or maybe "Amreaicans" -- confound these British spellings!) cared about Brand and Ross or even knew who they were... I bet they're lightweights compared Imus and Stern.

CeeeeeJaaaay, we are here to serve, ameeego.

It all made perfect sense to me.

Until Danny explained it in clear English.

Now, I have no choice but to become intoxicated.

Ack! Now I have a Captain and Tenille earwig going!

Danny, Thanks for the translation. Que? (Manuel's response to every request.)

KJP: I know who Brand is (or is it Ross?). He was in the Sarah Marshall movie (which I didn't see) and he hosted some award show (MTV Awards??), which I also didn't see. And that's all I care to know about him.

Ees Siberian! Ees filigree!

I think I liked it better before Danny explained it.

I am from Barcelo-o-o-o-o-na.
I speaka English goo-o-o-o-o-d.

Danny, you're brilliant.

Now, to work the phrase "Spanish Hamster Waiter" into everyday conversation, to show off in front of friends. Like, "I would have arrived earlier, but I had to deal with a Spanish Hamster Waiter (SPW)."

Bourbon would be good.

Just given permission to leave for the day. I now have plenty of time to set the claymores and bear traps in the yard for the trick-or-treaters.

Oh, and BOOO!

*jumps behind blogbar

*pours shots for everyone

*jumps back out from behing blogbar

Grab a shot of whatever you enjoy.


Apparently, I've already had too much "everyone".

Oy. After reading that article I was thinking I needed to start drinking or to stop. I'm not sure which. Glad to hear that I am in good company. And that the answer is to start.

Brackish spinster water.

Muenster-spinach waffle.


*grabs everyone*


Hola. Me llamo Alvin and I'll be your cerval tonight.

Hey, Spanish hamster! What's this flan doing in my pupusa?

ees betterrrrr den a espanich fly, no???

Bunnie Trickey Cotten.

Hah! I was going where SW went.

Spanish Cotton Mather.

Sheepish Hammer Wankers.

Snorkish Humor Writer.

Stiff-ish Herald Walter?

Servo Hammer Widget

Swedish Homo Weiner?

severely handicapped walri?

Strumpish Humping Writers?

« Manuel, there is too much butter on those trays.

--No, Señor Fawlty. Uno, dos, tres. »

7 Spanish Angles

scottish hippo wankers

Squeamish Hippo Wrestlers.

Spanish Hamstring Walter

Your mother was a Spanish waiter, and your father...

Nope, doesn't work... I got nuthin'

Vote for McCain.
(Makes about as much sense as the above posts if ya ask me.)

*expects that my house will be most certainly t.p.'d and egged this evening*

I did, Cheryl and no tp or eggs here...yet. But they DO know I have a machete ;-)

Sio--I having a bumper sticker made.

Don't blame me, I voted for Dave Barry
(Yes, for President of the United States)

This weekend the final Grand Prix race of the season takes place outside Sao Paolo. Lewis Hamilton is 7 points ahead of Felipe Massa (a Brasilain, driving for Ferrari). With 10 points going to the winner the whole season is up for grabs.

Last year Fernando Alonso of Spain was the reigning world champion and felt that he didn't get the necessary respect from his Maclaren race team because Hamilton was the new kid on the block and was actually showing up his more experienced team-mate, Alonso. In a fit of pique, Alonso broke his contract with Maclaren and returned to his old team of Renault. He has vowed to do everything in his power to prevent Hamilton from winning the championship this weekend. Hamilton only needs to finish 5th or better to take the title.

Que? Me no understand Meester Fawlty.

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