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October 31, 2008


It has nothing to do with making fun of anybody's name.

(Thanks to T Sclechte)


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Bunnie Trickey Cotten
Age: 47
Husband, John - 18 years


If I had a name like that, I'd bop some field mice over the head.

In Alabama history we've had governors named "Fob" and "Big Jim", and his son ran (unsuccessfully) as "Little Jim".

Now we have a utility commission candidate named "Twinkle"--and she's the best choice!! *sigh*

So she's a cotton-tailed bunny?

Give her a break, OK?

♫Here comes Tricky Cottentail, hopin' down the campaign trail...♬

Chris?? NTTAWWT of course.

No, Layzee, she's a TRICKY cotton-tailed bunny.

?? Sarah Palin died her hair ??

Was her mother a stripper or something? How could you elect someone who was too dumb to know you can change your name when you grow up?

...which of course brings us right back to Sarah Palin ...

She's got my vote.

Yeah, what Siouxie said. NTTAWWT. Or I'm gonna be hoppin' mad.

Oh....so THAT's who Bunny is.

So, Hef breaks up with Holly, and suddenly this... Coincidence???

Vote Cotten....Trickey is her middle name.

It's a common name in the Ozarks, like Wolfchops Sly Wool, or T-Bird Stickshift Pleather, both State Senators in the Clinton era.

Sad news: "Studs Terkel" has left Chicago at last.

Ridiculous news: The US Chamber of Commerce is using make-believe Mafia goon, Johnny Sack on "The Sopranos," to fight for GOP Senate candidates, and union-busting. Madonn'! They've given up on McBush. He's DEAD ta dem!

Different strokes for different folks, is what it is. Yup.

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