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October 30, 2008


He said that a toilet was a great place for artistic expression because art is a form of relief in the same way that going to the toilet is.


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"Art in a Munich Toilet"?

Wasn't that a 70s song? I think it was the followup to "Love on a Two-Way Street."

*warms up geezer bus*

I know animal shapes are my favorite.

Most of it is probably crap.

"He who writes on bathroom walls . . . "

Where do you sign your "work"?

"...Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel flanking a urinal in the corner of the room."

I don't wanna know.

Gizmodo has just the thing for the exhibit...

Must be his brown phase.

“Sir, my stools are GIGANTIC. And they have no more odor than a hot biscuit.”

- Anthony Hopkins as Dr. John Harvey Kellog, in The Road to Wellville

Now that's art

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