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October 29, 2008


Pretty much everybody can get on the ballot in Miami-Dade County.



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I'm on the ballot? Thats a first!

(Okay, a second)

George Washington? Who is he? I haven't seen any ads for him.

Finally. Someone older than McCain.

Not sure I'm nuts about his Indian policy, though...

So if the little oval is not completely filled in, is that like a hanging chad? Is this going to the Supreme Court again?

Siouxie, they were only a year apart in that one room school house and had all the same teachers. George had better teeth.

I won't vote for a Washington insider.

They had to nominate Washington because they knew they'd never get the African-American vote with Jefferson...

I can see it now. The idiots in Floriduh looking for "George Washington" on the actual ballot.


I don't see Tancredo on the ballot in Miami.

Let's see...English, Spanish, Creole. Wait a minute, no Yiddish on the ballot instructions?? Oy Vey!

Annie, I didn't see Dennis Kucinich on the ballot either but then realized it was written in a very tiny font.

I had some Tancredo on my ballot once...I scraped it off with the bottom of my shoe.

I think this is how we should decide between candidates.

Didn't realize that said 'Kucinich,' ellie. I thought that was a ballot booger.

I'm on the ballot. Literally. I'm sitting on my ballot, trying to get it to stay closed so I can mail it. Nothing like lots of poops props to clog a low-flo ballot.

So in Floriduh they now tell you that voting for George Washington is the correct thing to do?

George Washington isn't eligible. He wasn't born in the U.S.

If Washington gets to vote, all dead guys should get to vote. No representation without embalmification.

Korek? Wasn't he some kooky preacher from Texas?

snork at pogo!

George Washington voted here!

Chads don't normally dangle like that. Must be a porkbelly underwire.

That oval is HUGE.

I cannot tell a lie. Siouxie did it.

In my first time voting, it was a presidential November election. We got there just after the polls opened. The Democratic judge showed us how to vote with the famous butterfly ballot. (I could tell because he pointed at the Democratic nominee for President.) Then my mother got to the actual voting "booth", and had to choose among George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and others for prez.

George Washington was a socialist!

I've been seeing a few cars out here in VA with Mary Kay stickers on them. Any idea what she's running for?

You would know, McCain. You went to school with him.

Not sure, Peter. But her mascara is also running.

PeterM, I think her campaign slogan is, "It's better to look good than to feel good". Or maybe it was, "A pink Cadillac in every garage."

Any Minnesotans in here? I'm curious to know who voted for Al Franken.

Prolly not the same ones who voted for Jesse Ventura, I'll bet.

George Washington is a Muslim.

george washington had bad health care... look at those dentures ... must have got em from an hmo. i hope he wins, maybe he will get new teeth.

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