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October 08, 2008


(Thanks to Andrew Hoenig)


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Hurry, Dave! Hide Walter.

uh...not there.

The trade in marine mammal parts is strictly regulated and the sale or transfer of any marine mammal parts is usually limited to Alaska Natives, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Um, ahhh, look away, Dave....I gotta make a quick call...

"... usually limited to Alaska Natives ..."

I'd say the Blog has until about noon Eastern Time today to move into its new igloo.

Does this mean Walter is an illegal immigrant?

Dave, I'm going to need one meeellion dollars in unmarked bills....

No vacation for Walter this year.

we'd better set up an underground penile-bone hide-out system of some sort to hide Walter, should it come to that.

Dave and Gene are going to get to know each other really well.

Shhhh! Don't tell Judy!

Breaking news!!

As we speak ...er... type, there is a slow-speed chase around the Beltway.

A caravan of Homeland Security and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service vehicles is following a 1992 Buick Lasabre believed to be driven by Gene Weingarten. The driver, believed to be Weingarten, is clutching something in his left hand and waving it at the trailing vehicles while ranting about his inalienable, Constitutional right to bear (bare?) his walrus johnson.

Film at 11:00 (unless there is another Presiential debate or Gene is "harvested" by Gov. Palin)

Eeeew, sick.

Is Walter an illegal immigrant?

I guess I won't be seeing Cousin Ralph anytime soon.

I once saw a hooker smuggling a yo-yo

How do you apply wet foot / dry foot to an oosik?

Book 'em, Danno!

I can see Walter from my house!

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