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October 28, 2008


Yesterday we adopted a dog from a shelter. Her name is Lucy, and she's mostly Lab, around 8 months. She's very sweet and has quickly adapted to our home and yard. Especially our yard, which she finds absolutely fascinating ("Hey! A dog urinated here! Wow! A dog urinated HERE, also! Ohmigod! A dog also urinated HERE! Wait a minute! A dog ALSO urinated..." etc.). The one troubling thing is that Lucy has discovered Walter.


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Dave! A fascination with urine and a nice Oriental rug are a very bad combo.

Awwww...Lucy is very cute! Looks like my dog, Shadow.

It was nice knowing Walter.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! How freaking cute!

The difference between dogs and cats...

Knick knack, Waldo's whack,
Don't give that dog a bone!

ooops, I meant 'Walter.'

"Luuuucy, I'm bone!"

Whadja expect? Lucy's a girl (after my own heart)!

P.S. Reminds me of Earnest... So great that you got a shelter dog!

What a face!

So long, Walter. It's been good to know you.

Penis envy?

TMI, Mot.
Yes, Dave, thanks for getting a pound puppy.

Well, it's pretty obvious that Lucy is walrosexual.

Walter is being Lab Tested (trademark thingee)

Definite congrats on getting a shelter dog.
They are by the best.

If you see Lucy digging a very long and narrow hole in the backyard, keep an eye on Walter.

You should get this book, and sit down and read it with Sophie...

And people, don't forget there's a lot of shelter kitties that could use a loving home too...

Rut Roh! Dave, having rescued and fostered black lab and mixes for over a decade--I bring your attention to Lucy's feet. They look distinctly Great Danish.

Ciao Walter!

She does have LARGE feet.

Lucy has very large feet. And you know what that means - eventually, in your backyard, you'll have very large piles of poo.

And very large holes. My black lab mix is a digger. Which is why I don't have a back yard anymore. He keeps trying to dig the tile now ;-P

He's not too smart.

I couldn't help myself, it was love at first bite.

Siouxie, just tell him 'no!' and direct him toward an alternate activity. Like a book.

Dave, I wish I could say that that I'm kidding. Labs and retrievers have these great compact feet--proportionately speaking. Their toes aren't very long as compared to a ton of other breeds. Great Danes toes are so long as to almost look like fingers—one of the few breeds that have this characteristic. I compared Lucy’s photo up side by side to photos of my labs—and she definitely shares many facial characteristics. But a side by side comparison to my Great Dane, and she is dead ringer. I would send you photos, but I’d be in deep doo-doo with judi if I crashed the server again.

The good news is that Great Danes (mixes) are much calmer than black labs (mixes). Rather like living with a very graceful blue whale. Enjoy!

She is doggone cute!
We have a Blog-Dog!

Yaaaay to Dave & his crew for adopting a shelter dog. Lucy is just the cutest, and I know even Walter will come to adore her. She's just a big puppy at heart.

Labs are easy to entertain though. Just give her a big bucket of water and she will stick her head down in the bucket all day. We had a black lab/pit bull a while back. Best dog we ever had when I was a kid. It even saved me and my mom's life once, and the only person it ever growled at was my evil aunt. Good dog.

You walked in on the girl and her BOB. Reminds me of that time when my college roommate...never mind...

Sheesh, I have to work for a while and I come back and all my comments are already taken. Annie, I was going to say that Dave will need a bigger shovel, judging by those feets.
What a sweet face, though, and she looks so huggable.
Pound puppies are the best ! And good protection for Sophie, too !

I think Lucy's part Dane, too. Regardless, she'll grow to the exact height needed to clear your coffee table with her tail.

If she is part Dane, I say hope for the best and try to break the record. Good luck!

Danes eat a lot. Dave will need to get another job. At least a full-time one.

Aww...how cute!

Our adopted adult "lab mix" turned out to be half rottweiler, half boxer. Turns out he had a tattoo, and once we discovered it, we were able to trace him back to his original owner, who had given him away as a puppy, and didn't know he had ended up in the shelter - twice.

This was pre-kids, and I had some reservations about keeping a rottweiler, but he ended up being a great dog, and very loving with the kids when they were born. After he went to doggie heaven, we adopted a shepherd-golden mix puppy. He's eight now.

Yay for animal adoption!

adorable!! mazel tov!!

There are a ton of companies that do DNA testing to find out your dogs exact breed(s). Kinda cool.

Jeff, a friend here in town met Gibson. She bought two of his nephews last year--delivered as pups. And she already had two adult Danes. Man what a glorious handful.

And Parkay is right...whether its a lab or a dane, anything lower than the 3 foot mark will be demolished by their tail. Bright side: it helps you purge out that pesky stemware and knick knacks.

Parkay - that's why I don't have a coffee table. My kitchen table is exactly large-dog-nose height, so usually while I eat, there is a pointy dog snout resting exactly at my elbow. (Collie/Golden mix, also adopted through Petfinder 8 1/2 years ago.)

Walter, noooooo!

(And welcome to Lucy the adorable Blog-Dog!)

Somewhere in heaven, a walrus is laughing.

Ok, Parkay is me. I was making a Buddha/butter (I can't believe it's not butter/it's snot buddha)comment on the other post and forgot to change back.
We have a coffee table clearer, plus a smaller model, a schnauzer/cocker cross (schnocker) who, when we're sitting on the couch, enjoys leaping unexpectedly into our laps. Sort of like Tourette's Syndrome, only with cuddling.

Hey, you should've gotten a cat - a Maine Coon would've given you the same size entertainment and they clean up after themselves - more or less....

Hi Dave,
Congratulations on your new dog. What joy! Our next door neighbors adopted a 12 week old yellow lab recently. Sunday she ate their cockatiel.

That's one good huntin' dog, Holley. She's already bringing home her own dinner.

Dave, Get yer butt to a butcher shop, NOW!!! Get that dog her own bone, before Walter is no more!!!!

Also, butchers can tell you which bones are best for dogs and how to prepare them, etc....

As the overwhelmed proud owner of another 8-month-old Lab puppy, I can only say, "May G-d have mercy on your soul". And you don't even have access to nuclear weapons! You poor schmuck!

Three cheers for pound pups! We've got two: a shepherd/chow mix and an Australian Cattle dog. When we left the ACD outside longer than he apparently thought was okay, he chewed a japanese maple in half. Watch out for the oriental carpet, Dave - I've now got our carpet cleaner on my speed dial.

Sounds like we need a blogger group on Dogster.

Dave, guard the remote! My latest pound critter has destroyed three of them!

Great to see you've adopted a shelter dog- and a big black one at that! It's also nice to see that so many commenters have adopted through petfinder! Enjoy your new family member! Hope you have many happy years together!

I do get lots of amusement from the fact that younger shelter-critter is bigger than original shelter-critter and his lethal club of a tail is at just the right height to concuss her when he does the whole-body-wag of excessive joy.... Even better, she just stands there with a squinty "OWOWOWOWOWOWIE" expression and takes the abuse. THUDWHAPWHAPWHAP

I am an adopted half Lab, half Rottweiler. I look like a stocky Lab and weigh about 120 lbs. I think I am a lap dog! I am glad you adopted Lucy. We all need a good home like my mom has given me.

That's why they named you Biggin, dear. I am always reminded when you hop in my lap!

What a cutie! Welcome to the blog, Lucy. Please be gentle with Walter.

Don't know about Lucy's feet being Danish, but that look of complete innocence on her doggy face even as she sits atop the purloined item? THAT is pure Lab.

Have joy, Lucy, you lucky puppy! And Cheryl is so right about the Dane/Lab mix being a great combination; Danes are incredibly sweet and willing to please (not that Labs aren't, but they do take longer to calm down). Shelter dogs are the best, and mixed breeds are generally healthier, too. Dave, you done good!

And just when you finally got the kids house trained.... .

Great to see that you have saved a life by adopting a shelter dog.

And, by the way...Lucy is a nice name.

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