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October 31, 2008


(Thanks to everyone in or out of Florida)


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I don't think they'll vote for Palin. More likely for tannin'.

LAND O' LAKES ??? As in the butter and cheese company?


There's got to be a 'pole at the poll' joke here somewhere but not going there. ick.

Ewe. Sterilize the polling boothes!

Could we implement nude voting for the electoral college?

And I don't want to brag, but early voting in my county allows you to vote at any polling place, so I went to my old (and small) high school and had NO WAIT at all! Bwahahahaha!

That's muy caliente!

But mostly, icky.

Question: Where do they keep their IDs?

"Most voters who live at Caliente exercise their rights at a nearby subdivision, where clothing isn't optional."

Does that mean clothing is not an option? What's the problem? But the real question is, is this a swing district? (LeeInquiring minds want to know...)

Siouxie, as Paris:

At that point, do they NEED an ID??

Voting Clerk 1: "Sir, may I see your ID?"
Voter: "I had nowhere to put it, at least nowhere that wouldn't cause people to stare..."
Voting Clerk 2: "Don't worry about it, I know who you are... ummmm, Annie told me..."

Most nudists I've seen need to exercise their rights more often, IYKWIM. AND their lefts.

ID? Sure!

I was in the pool!

Resort officials have floated the idea of a clothing-optional polling place by Brian Corley, Pasco County's supervisor of elections.

Yeah. That was the day they visited his office and he said, "Welcome, come on in! Please don't have a seat!"

Oh, yay -- more ignorant nudists inviting more ignorant nudist jokes from ignorant non-nudists.

Whether you have to wear pants or not, please don't forget to vote for the candidate who scares you least!

(Sorry. Had a bad day. Carry on.)

WD, or the candidate who sc*ews you least!!

How do I write in my write-in vote?

Palin will win hands down. Oh, wait. I thought it was vote for the candidate you'd most like to see in the nude.

With all the early voting, on Tuesday the polls may clothe early too.

There's got to be a 'pole at the poll' joke here somewhere but not going there. ick.

Posted by: fivver | 06:02 PM on October 31, 2008


A naked Pole walks into a poll??


I hope they don't get too confused about which lever to pull.

mot, that's the line i told cj to post ( i write all his best nonranting material, you know). i must have channeled you somehow.

I'm voting against the nude voting.

Where do you place the "I Voted" sticker?

Networks are reporting huge tan lines at some polling stations.

If your wait in line is longer than four hours, see your doctor.

Whole 'nother meaning to the term poll watcher.

As a proud member of AANR I'll just sit back and watch the adolescent reactions to this.

Just watch what lever you pull.

You shall be tortured - tortured slowly - for that blog header, Dave.

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